Do You Know Why Break-ins Happen Especially in the Suburbs of New York City?

Poorly designed locks

Statistics represent that homes are more vulnerable to burglaries in comparison to organizations. And more than 63% of the burglary incidents take place because of a physical break-in. Such data statistics indicate that it has now become essential for everyone especially in the United States to get locks on which they can rely upon. While the market is full of interesting brands, we often wonder which particular option will be the best-suited for our homes, right? If you don’t have any guesses, let us help you with one. 

Here are 5 of the best door locks which, in my opinion, are the most worthwhile for apartments & renters. 

Protector Security Lock

This is a small lock which can easily hold back up to 800lbs of force easily. Unlike the traditional lock with a keyhole, this one is a special design and comes with a slider segment which easily settles inside the door port. It’s a favored option for modern homes as it goes perfectly well with modern home aesthetics. The cost for one lock is very reasonable and you this low cost lock can easily be installed in your doors. 

Addalock Portable Lock

If you’re looking for a convenient lock which is also affordable, then look no further than the Addalock Portable lock. This is a very sturdy lock which cannot be easily broken even by some of the most expert burglars in town. Recommended by a Locksmith Rochester company, and one of the finest locks in the lock arsenal, Addalock has earned its position among all commercial and residential spaces. 

August Smart Lock

If you want modernity, technology along with your lock then August Smart Lock is your best bet. Here’s a hands-free, keyless lock system which ensures that your home doors are locked effectively. The August Smart Lock is a 3rd generation lock and not just that, but it can easily fit into your lock purchasing budget. When it comes to August Smart Locks, you can unlock/lock your doors using the bluetooth technology. 

Kwikset Single Sided DeadBolt

Are you searching for a lock which allows you to enter/exit premises from only one side, then Kwikset single sided deadbolt is one of the best options. When you are going to install this lock on a single-sided door leading into your kitchen with quartz countertops, you will find a thumbturn on one of the sides of the door only. The other side is covered with a solid plate. Why is this a great lock? It’s because this lock is ANSI grade 3 and one of the best quality locks. 

Kwikset Single Cylinder Traditional Lock

Are you planning to lock up your stuff in an apartment and go somewhere far away for a visit? How about when you do so, you lock your premises using a Kwikset single cylinder traditional lock. Here’s a very sturdy and good quality built lock which has an ANSI grade 1 rating. In case, one of the keys goes missing, it comes with a SmartKey feature which allows you to rekey your locks. What more could you ask right? 

There you go, here are the top 5 best door locks which I believe are some of the best options for your Apartments. Are you searching for one of the most attractive lock options for your home & office doors? Then believe me, the list doesn’t end here. There are several others in the market, but here what we have listed are sturdy, strong and will make sure that all your prized possessions remain well-protected. 

Looking for a reliable lock option? Do go ahead and check out the ones mentioned above.