Treat Yourself: How You Can Reward Yourself After a Huge Promotion

Moving up in the professional world can be one of the most thrilling feelings. We spend so many hours working that promotions can make you finally feel like the hard work was worth it. The best part of a promotion is the additional pay as some promotions require more work. Promotions near the top of a company tend to come with less traditional work but a huge amount of accountability. Rewarding yourself is important after a huge promotion as you need to relax. The following are great ideas to reward yourself after working for years for that huge promotion.

Plan a Nice Vacation

You do not want to take a vacation as soon as you are promoted as you want to settle into the job. Once you have had a few projects that are successful you should plan a vacation. There are so many options online that can allow you to relax at an all-inclusive resort in a tropical location. You want to take a vacation that allows you to rejuvenate while enjoying yourself before returning to the office.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

You might have been wanting to get a new vehicle but simply could not afford it. Your promotion could come at a time where your current vehicle has started to give you problems. Investing in a car that has automated driving features can relieve stress daily during your commute. You might find that leasing a car makes more sense than buying as new cars depreciate as soon as they leave the car lot. List out all of the features that you want in a car like size or storage then select a few models you like. You could find a used car that is a year or two old that allows you to save thousands without impacting the quality of car.

New Piece of Jewelry

Jewelers in Raleigh or Chapel Hill might have a selection of pieces that are custom. The last thing you want to do is spend a large amount of money on a piece that is plain or generic. Custom jewelry can allow you to express your personality or catch the eye of coworkers. You know what type of jewelry and what style that you will wear. Find something that you love that will help remind you of the promotion you worked so hard for.

Splurge on that Home Renovation Project

You might have wanted to renovate your home for quite some time. The added income from a promotion can be perfect to put towards home renovations. Putting in a pool is a great example of an improvement that will improve your quality of life. Turning the basement into an entertainment room by finishing it is another example. Take the time to list out the potential renovations along with how much they will cost. You might be able to take on multiple projects with the extra money you earn annually.

A huge promotion is something that you should celebrate by treating yourself. Take the time to truly enjoy this time as the satisfaction is nearly unmatched.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn