Email Marketing: 5 Ways To Boost Your Business ROI

Email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable strategies marketers use to target prospective clients. It allows you to maintain contact with subscribers, ensuring that your company generates maximum returns from them.

4 billion people use emails to network with buyers and engage them, making it a more effective medium than paid and organic searches. Furthermore, according to the Email Marketing Census (2019), about 73% of marketers either coin ROI by email marketing as good or excellent.

And because of this, many companies look for Constant Contact alternatives to improve and enhance their email marketing efforts. Therefore, email marketing is also vital for advertisement and relationship building. Furthermore, it is a reliable technique to boost your email marketing ROI.

Harness The Power Of Your Website Data

A website is an integral part of any business and Google Analytics. And site visitors create the maximum chances of responding to your emails or converting them into leads. In addition, recognizing the interests and demography of your site visitors allow you to tailor your email messaging while boosting your email marketing ROI.

Google Analytics is an intelligent tool that helps you learn regarding a visitor’s location, products they are interested in depending on the pages viewed, and other invaluable data. Also, your website data can help monitor when the users return weeks, days, weeks, years, or months after the initial visit.

Moreover, you can also leverage campaign data that allows you to gauge your previous campaigns and assess the following:

  • When users are proactive while engaging with your emails
  • The type of devices visitors use to view your message
  • What links generated the highest engagement
  • The number of visitors who converted  

All this data allows you to evaluate your performance better while securing dynamic communication between you and your recipients.

Focus On And Prioritize Deliverability 

You can’t factor in the ROI of your email marketing until you are particular about its deliverability. Then, it will not build itself. Instead, it would be best to consider multiple factors to accomplish outstanding performance and gauge your campaigns to drive results.

Therefore, it is imperative to your email deliverability. For example, do your emails effectively reach recipients’ inboxes, or are they trapped by spam or junk filters?

It is vital to create quality content and try not to use spam trigger words to get your emails past junk/spam filters effectively.

Also, always add an unsubscribe button at the end of your emails. If people can’t unsubscribe to your emails quickly, they might report them as spam.

Generate Mobile-Optimized Emails

If your emails are not consistently optimized for mobile, you may miss out on opportunities to connect and engage with your potential customers.

Campaign Monitor revealed that 66% of emails are viewed on tablets and mobile devices. This means, making your emails suitable for mobile readability is paramount. So, before you send out your emails, make sure you check them from a mobile device.

When generating mobile-friendly content, it is crucial to keep it concise and to the point. Also, make your content easy to consume and relevant. (e.g., short paragraphs).

Finally, include the CTAs in suitable places, taking into consideration the recipient’s screen size.

Build Highly-Targeted Email List

It is vital to declutter and build your email list into suitable segments. This enables you to send out more targeted emails while drastically improving the campaign results and ROI. For example, marketers have observed a 760% boost in revenue when they segment their email campaigns.

For this, you need to differentiate subscribers based on their purchase history, demographics, sales funnel stages, and behavioral data. But that’s not all. Ultimately, the way to classify your email list depends on your business and what resonates with the specific audience.

The segmented email list provides a focused and highly accurate prospect list. The most practical and quickest way to build the prospect email list is to leverage a robust sales intelligence tool. All in all, this technique minimizes the process of recognizing decision-makers, companies, and factual data to a sole stage.

Personalize To Ensure Relevancy And Context

Explore more opportunities to customize and your emails. This is an efficient way to increase your email marketing ROI.

And email automation has made it easier to send out relevant messages to prospective clients by leveraging customized workflows at scale.

Tailoring your email copy matters a lot in the success and profitability of your email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, according to Smarter HQ, about 72% of customers only engage with customized emails.

Speaking of customization, the more you understand and know about every segment, the better you can come up with the content according to their voice of choice and tone.

Wrapping Up

It is imperative to have an actionable plan and generate valuable content for your intended audience. That is the only way to ramp up your email marketing efforts and maximize your ROI.

The strategies mentioned above can help you boost up your business ROI. Implement them all strategically for good results.