Eterneva Welcomes Dr. Robert E. Chodelka as First Scientific Advisory Board Member

Eterneva recently announced that Dr. Robert E. Chodelka will soon be joining the company as the first member of its new Scientific Advisory Board. The esteemed Dr. Chodelka is set to bring his expertise and guidance to the Eterneva team, who have continued to increase their innovative approach to lab-grown diamond manufacturing. 

Dr. Chodelka brings over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry to Eterneva. His appointment represents a key factor in Eterneva’s scientific growth. As the CEO of Ziemer Swiss Diamond Art AG, a jewelry manufacturing company, Dr. Chodelka has vast experience with growing diamonds from a number of carbon sources throughout his long career, making him incredibly well-equipped for his new position as Scientific Advisory board member. Dr. Chodelka graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where he received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, as well as a bachelor’s degree of Science in Ceramic Science and Engineering.

Because transparency is at the forefront of the Eterneva mission, Dr. Chodelka’s responsibilities will include the prioritizing of regular advisory meetings in order to further elevate the knowledge of Eterneva staff members, in addition to building out Eterneva’s Austin-based HPHT diamond facility and offering consultation for diamond R&D efforts related to jewel size and color. Dr. Chodelka has also played a significant role in efforts to improve the HPHT diamond growth process, helping to ensure that the manufacturing process becomes as environmentally safe as possible.

“Adelle and the entire team are dedicated to scientific transparency and growth, so joining the Eterneva team as an advisor was an easy and exciting decision,” says Dr. Chodelka. “I am inspired by their ambition to make a difference in the grief wellness space and hope to strategically advise them on their already innovative approach.”

The Eterneva Process

How does Eterneva’s approach work then? The process begins with ordering the company’s Welcome Kit, which includes a video, instructions, return postage and the required tools for sending the company the ashes of a recently passed loved one. Mobile team members are also available to help in handling the ashes, and arrangements can be made for such assistance if desired.

Once Eterneva has received the ashes, the manufacturing phase begins. During this phase, all the carbon found in the ashes is isolated from other extraneous elements, specifically the remnant carbonates. This phase often takes weeks of precise work to purify and extract enough carbonate, which eventually results in a collection of carbon graphite powder. This powder is the start material necessary for diamond manufacturing.

The most important phase comes next: growing the diamonds. Using advanced machinery, the carbon graphite powder is introduced to an environment that simulates conditions that stimulate diamond formation in the earth (specifically 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and 850,000 pounds per square inch). Once a raw diamond has formed, Eterneva scans the jewel to assess its quality, after which a team of expert diamond cutters shape the jewel into its final, vibrant form. Diamond coloring, grading, and engraving, and the jewelry setting are the final touches on the entire manufacturing process.

As the Co-founders expressed on Shark Tank, Eterneva’s mission since its inception has been to prioritize customers and support them through their own mourning process. By staying committed to both this assistance through personal grief and to improving the scientific process, Eterneva is set to expand its newly implemented Scientific Advisory Board by bringing industry experts aboard that will ensure transparency and increase trust with their customers.

CEO and Co-founder of Eterneva, Adelle Archer, said in a statement, “We could not be more excited to welcome Dr. Chodelka to our team. He is one of the most well-respected professionals in the space and his unmatched knowledge of the man-made diamond industry will provide our consumers with yet another layer of scientific transparency.”

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