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Ken Kurson on the Media Industry’s Transformation

Over the last several years, the media industry has totally changed, dramatically. This has happened across all news properties, regardless of the nature of how they might have traditionally been run predating these changes. Indeed the digital and technological advances of the last decade have caught up with the media industry just as they have …

The Journalism Industry is Changing

Ken Kurson is someone with unique insights to share about the news industry and its continued evolution at an aggressive pace, the likes of which few could have forecasted. The transition from print media to digital media for many outlets is emblematic of these larger and broader changes that are occurring. These changes are in …

Eterneva Welcomes Dr. Robert E. Chodelka as First Scientific Advisory Board Member

Eterneva recently announced that Dr. Robert E. Chodelka will soon be joining the company as the first member of its new Scientific Advisory Board. The esteemed Dr. Chodelka is set to bring his expertise and guidance to the Eterneva team, who have continued to increase their innovative approach to lab-grown diamond manufacturing.  Dr. Chodelka brings …