Everyone is Seeing Red About Red Meat.

So the big question in health this past week has been: Is red meat healthy for you or not? The answer, it seems, is — “It Depends.

A recent study by international researchers and dieticians rattled the cages of carnivores and vegans alike when they released a study seemingly implying that there is no real hard and fast evidence that red meat or processed meat (the kind that delis serve up in great big heaps) is detrimental to the health of an average person.

The study was immediately called into question when some of the researchers involved admitted, under pressure, that they had ties to the meat industry that were not disclosed in the research study. 

But the majority of the scientists and nutritionists involved are completely free of any question of influence. 

So what did the study really say about read meat and that baloney sandwich you want to have for lunch today? Only this: red meats and processed meats are no more dangerous to health, when eaten in moderation, than chicken or fish. The two key words in the study are ‘moderation’ and ‘normal health.’ In other words, those without any illness or disease that would contraindicated red meats or processed meats can safely assume that eating a few portions each week will not cause any serious health problems.