Apparently Profits Mean More Than Morals in NBA

The NBA rushed to the defense of Colin Kaepernick’s right to protest injustice, but then again it didn’t cost the NBA anything to do so. Put more than $1 billion in contracts into the mix, and suddenly the NBA isn’t as supportive of protests, reform, and freedom.

It’s tough when you are a big fan of the Utah Jazz, and not at all a fan of the NBA.

The NBA is so severely mismanaged, it truly is. It’s is far more concerned with the business than it is the game, to the dismay of those who really love the game.

I don’t know one fan whose experience hasn’t been ruined by iffy officiating. There are scores of things that can be done to reform it, and dozens of amazing articles where people give the matter intriguing thought, yet instead of doing his job, Adam Silver focuses on what?

I wish NBA owners would organize better and get the head office’s act together.