Feeling Stressed? Here’s a Helping Hand.

I can’t pretend that everyone’s lives are the same. Everyone has different obligations, responsibilities, and time commitments. However, there are some remedies that seem to work across the board. Whether you’re young, old, in school, or building your career, it’s often just a part of life that we’ll have things that are expected of us, and responsibilities that we’ll have to take care of. That can be stressful sometimes! To make our lives a little easier I’ll give you 3 examples of small ways you’ll be able to eliminate some of the stress from your life.

1-     Schedule time for play. If a bow is constantly wound and under pressure it will lose its spring and be useless. Also, if an axe is never sharpened, it will be much less effective than if you had taken the time to sharpen it instead of constantly working it. This is a principle taken for Steven Covey’s “7 habits of highly effective people.” We should have scheduled relaxation or play time put into our schedule. Although it can be difficult to find the time in certain stages of life, it’s important that we do find it.

2-     Hire work out. If you have so many obligations and requirements that you’re already trying to take care of. It’s ok to hire out some of the more mundane or unimportant work. I’m referring to things such as lawn care, house cleaning, car maintenance, and so forth. There are a plethora of companies that do incredible work and would leave you with a result that would not only lower your stress level but provide you with more time to accomplish the tasks that are expected of you. For example, Perth Home Cleaners is a house cleaning company that focuses mainly on interior work but will also deep clean exterior home products occasionally. Because they do exceptional work, they are highly recommended and would be able to give you a product you would be happy with and leave you with excess time to either relax as was pointed out in our first point, or, accomplish the tasks that might hang over your head right now.

3-     Serve others. I know it sounds strange, and it won’t help to relieve your busy schedule, but it will help to free your mind. It’s scientifically proven that the more you serve others and the more you focus on giving, the less stressed your body and mind will feel. It doesn’t have to be anything big either! Just look for where you can do a small deed every day, and you’ll notice that whatever has been stressing you, seems to look smaller.

Although these three suggestions may seem basic, they’re all proven to reduce the stress levels of the mind and body. Remember also to put first things first. Important or urgent matters should always take higher priority than things that can be put on hold without consequence.