Financial Expert Jacques Poujade Predicts 2021 Mortgage Trends

Financial Expert Jacques Poujade Predicts 2021 Mortgage Trends

The world is fast-growing, and the need to have properties of your own cannot be overemphasized. Have you ever thought of the ease and pleasure that come with having your own house? The benefits are endless.

Having the means of acquiring a property is as important as the property itself. You need a reliable means to achieve this.

Day by day, there are several organizations that provide services that ease the acquisition process. The processes of acquisition of land or any other property, however, keep changing frequently.

New trends are birthed every time. This is why it is vital that you keep yourself updated and abreast of these trends.

To keep yourself abreast with these trends, Jacques Poujade, an expert in real estate and real estate investing would be giving insights into the 2021 mortgage trends. Given Jacques’ expertise, you don’t want to miss this interview, as he is one of the best you can learn from in the mortgage industry.

In this interview, he will be providing you with the most recent and latest mortgage trends. These trends will help you to make the right financial decisions concerning morgage this year.

Considering the outbreak of the novel pandemic, do you think the mortgage rate will increase?

If left to me, I’ll tell you that the mortgage rate is expected to rise considering all factors.

The world has been on lockdown for a relatively long period. It is expected that everything will soon go back to how it used to be. This is expected to increase the rate of mortgage considerably.

However, some effects might come with the rise in mortgage rates. One of such effects is slow mortgage originations.

Though, this might be short-lived. Nonetheless, before you get engaged in mortgage in 2021, you can check out my post where I shared insights on 3 Unique Ways You Can Improve Your Credit to Qualify for Your First Mortgage.

What do you have to say about migration to suburbs?

While there have been various speculations that there will be a mass migration to suburbs this year, I think this might not be the case. Rather than move to expensive areas such as suburbs and cities, I think many people will prefer to migrate to less expensive areas.

However, with the current increase in remote works, that is, working from home, I’m also of the view that people will also move into suburbs so as to make work more conducive for themselves and their families.

What should we expect concerning home prices and home sales?

Don’t expect anything less. Expect home prices to increase. One of the factors that will make this possible is the increase in the need to work from home.

With several people now having to stay at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, staying indoor becomes necessary. Thus, home value and worth are expected to climb as time goes on.

Are originations expected to increase or decrease?

This is somewhat difficult to answer, but with the evident variables, I can certainly tell you that originations will decrease significantly. This is because, with an increase in the rate of home prices, originations cannot be expected to rise.

The events of the previous year have been characterized by a decrease in commissions. This is another fact that justifies that originations will reduce.

Will you encourage anyone to invest in a mortgage presently?

Of course, I will. A mortgage is not something that is limited to certain factors. The assumptions are not static. It is a lucrative venture that you can choose to invest in.

Within a short span of time, you should be receiving your rewards. Like I said earlier about leveraging technology to begin investment in stocks, you can make things easier by also leveraging technology in mortgage.

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