How to Keep Customers Coming to You

When it comes to running a storage business, the one thing that you need for business success – more than space, the right insurance and a great advertising campaign – is happy customers.

Happy customers turn into loyal ones who will talk about your business to everyone they can, and they will come back time and again.

Most local companies are set on attracting as many new customers as possible, but often, these same companies can forget to nurture the customers that they already have. Sure, grow your reach, but customer retention should also be a concern for you.

So, how do you keep those customers coming back? What could you be doing to make their experience one to remember? Let’s take a look at several strategies that you could implement to build on your customer retention plans.

Great customer service

It goes without saying that poor customer service is going to chase your customers to another local storage provider.

In a storage business, great customer service involves responsiveness, a welcoming attitude to the customers in your business and if you can, offering your existing customers excellent self-storage deals.

So many businesses offer new customers better deals, but they forget all about their existing customers. Make sure that you are providing a prompt service with great deals and existing customers will continue to come back.

Something unique

See how you present your business against others in the same arena, and you will be able to tell whether you are offering something competitive to your customers or not.

If you have a service that is unique to everyone else in your industry, you’re going to stand out and be of interest to new and existing customers.

Excellent pricing

It doesn’t matter how elite of a service you offer, if your prices are through the roof you’re going to struggle to keep your customers’ interest.

You want to be reliable in your pricing, too, which is why it’s so important to fix your pricing for our customers’ benefit. Offering fair prices at a time where most people are struggling is important for business continuity.

High-quality services & products

You will find that your bank of customers runs in the opposite direction if you are offering poor-quality to your customers. Everything about your products and services should be better than just average or mediocre.

High-quality materials should be used at all times, as should high-quality services that are tailored to your customers.

Great incentives

Why should your customers keep using your services? Incentivization is so vital for your customers, and they need you to give them a reason to keep coming back – even if you feel you’re doing that, are your numbers reflecting it?

Offer deals, discounts, freebies and more to incentivize your customers to continue to return.

Responsible business operations

Are you sustainable as a business? Responsible for your impact on the environment? What are you doing to combat these things? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself as a business.

Without answers to these questions, you’re going to find yourself stuck as to why your customers are leaving your business in droves.

If you want your customers to keep coming to you, implementing all of the above techniques will help. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask yourself: what would YOU want from your business?

Chris Turn

Chris Turn