Frequently Asked Questions for CEOs

Frequently Asked Questions for CEOs

Every day, CEOs are asked a wide range of questions. These questions range from the mundane to the profound. Sudberg has an answer to every question and helps executives achieve peace of mind as they navigate through their day-to-day activities.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that CEOs are asked regularly.

What do you mean when you say that you’re a pain management specialist?

In today’s business world, CEOs often feel pressured and even overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility they carry. “Stress-related conditions such as acid reflux, migraines, insomnia, and sinus problems can be side effects of this heavy workload,” Jordan Sudberg notes. “Many CEOs are looking for solutions to ease their symptoms so they can feel more relaxed and productive.”

How do you determine the need for treatment?

“I listen intently to my client,” he says. “With pain management, it’s vital that we explore the history of it and that we increase awareness of physical and emotional stresses.” He also asks about their lifestyle, including what activities they participate in.

What questions should someone ask their doctor before considering treatment?

“They need to review the medical history of the issue,” Jordan Sudberg says. “More than anything, I believe in listening to my clients and determining their specific needs.”

Are there any side effects from treatment?

“I have not seen any side effects from the procedures that we use,” he says. “This is because they are natural, they isolate and treat only the problem area and they don’t interfere with your daily or work life.”

Why do CEOs seek treatment?

Sudberg notes there are several reasons a CEO would seek treatment. It could be physical discomfort, increasing stress levels, or even a friend or family member suggesting it. If a CEO is looking for a vacation, Sudberg suggests traveling to the Bahamas. “The people there are very aware of what makes each person feel relaxed,” he says.

Can you help if my company is being sued?

One of the constant threats facing any company today is a legal action by another party, either internal or external. Whether they are being sued by a former employee or a business associate, Sudberg suggests the CEO contact their lawyer and schedule a visit. “We want to gather as much evidence as we can to support you in all aspects of this situation, including your physical health,” he says.

Will you come to my office if I need treatment?

“Absolutely,” Jordan says. “If the procedure can be done at work, it will save time and stress for everyone involved. If it’s an internal matter, we will treat the CEO at home or work.”

Do CEOs need to sit through long treatments?

They should never have to sit through long treatments because the procedures are designed for speed and efficiency.

“We are pain management specialists and take a holistic approach to executive wellness,” says Jordan Sudberg. “We don’t just treat the pain. We treat the CEO as a whole person.”

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