Generative AI Gaining Steam in Marketing

Artificial intelligence use is quickly becoming standard practice for marketing companies.  So far, an overwhelming 77% of companies are exploring AI use, including generative AI, a form of AI in which the algorithm is fed existing internet content to train it to create new content. Let’s explore the use of generative AI in marketing below.

ChatGPT, a very popular open source generative AI, uses 45 terabytes (25% of the library of congress).  In the last five years, use of AI has more than doubled, especially in email marketing, customer service, and market lead scoring.  Tools like ChatGPT, Make-a-Video, and DALL-E are hugely popular AI systems open to the public, and tools like these have the potential to improve business productivity by up to 40%.

There is a hugely promising future for generative AI in marketing.  Already, c-suite executives are working on combining the intelligence of things (IoT) system with AI to create a new artificial intelligence of things system (AIoT).  So far, 22% of marketers have used marketing automations and AI to send personalized promotional emails, paid ads, and offers.  AI use is not restricted to legacy corporations as well– 31% of small businesses use AI tools to help with marketing tasks.  It seems likely that AI use will continue to increase in the future.

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing