Handling an Arrest: Doing So Without Impacting Your Career Negatively

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A single arrest can seemingly make you feel like your life is falling apart. Not all arrests are created equal with minor arrests usually being brushed off. A few days spent doing community service or a few fines are truly not that big of a deal. A number of people would not be worried about their arrests if they knew their job would keep them. You need to manage your arrest appropriately so as to not hurt your professional path. This is going to take time as legal proceedings can drag on. The following are tips to handle your arrest so it doesn’t impact your career negatively. 

Get Quality Legal Representation

The most important factor is finding a criminal defense attorney that has experience in the local area. The last thing you want is a new attorney to the area that has no rapport whatsoever with the local prosecutors. Deals are made with people that have been arrested depending on which attorney that you pick. A high-powered criminal defense law firm is likely going to get a better deal for their client than an overworked public defender. You want an attorney with trial experience as there is a chance that no deal is offered. Having your charges dropped will be the best-case scenario as a job usually cannot reprimand a person for something they have been found innocent of. 

Take a Look Online for Your Mugshot 

There are some states like Florida that have zero regard for a person’s privacy whether they are innocent or guilty. Your mugshot will be plastered across an array of websites that ask for payment to have them removed. Other states like New Jersey do not publish mugshots due to privacy reasons and state laws. If you have a common last name, you might be safe as searching through mugshots with the last name Smith is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Ask for Work From Home Days 

Working remotely in today’s world is the norm for people due to lockdowns and restrictions. The number of people working remotely during the height of the pandemic was staggering. Work from home days can allow you to meet with your attorney or attend court at a specific time. You can even stay connected on instant messaging platforms like Slack so you won’t miss a beat in your work. Management tends to ask quite a few questions if you suddenly need to take an array of days off. Court dates are scheduled weeks in advance so another option is to take your vacation days for court. 

Being arrested doesn’t automatically mean that you will be convicted as there could be unusual circumstances. Seek help if you have been arrested for something related to substance abuse. These issues rarely if ever solve themselves and addictions worsen over time. Your career doesn’t have to be over simply because you were arrested. Take the time to research the top legal representation for your type of criminal case to ensure you have an expert in your corner.