How A Facial Changed My Mind About CBD Products

How A Facial Changed My Mind About CBD Products

CBD products are all the rage these days, but when most people think about them they usually imagine a CBD-infused edible or CBD-based medication to help patients suffering with seizures. While CBD is an incredibly diverse element of cannabis that can be applied to our lives in a myriad of ways, one of the fastest-growing sections of the CBD marketplace is that which is concerned with beauty and skincare.

I used to be quite skeptical about CBD, especially when it came to its appealability outside of the medical sector. After trying a CBD-based facial, however, I’ve come to completely change my mind. Here’s how a facial led to a change in opinion about CBD products.

CBD is lipophilic

One of the reasons I decided to try a CBD facial in the first place was because CBD products are actually very lipophilic. In other words, CBD can easily distribute itself across the fatty layers of your skin, ensuring that you can derive an immense amount of benefits from certain CBD products if you apply them carefully. Sick and tired of the same old-same old, I opted to give CBD the benefit of the doubt and try it once before dismissing it entirely.

What I found was shocking; not only was the process relatively carefree and manageable, but it was quite enjoyable and produced admirable results. I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised – after all, CBD products are taking over the medical marketplace right now because of the immense benefits they offer to patients suffering from anxiety, seizures, and other conditions. I just never thought CBD products would be able to penetrate into the beauty market, especially with the negative stigma that still surrounds cannabis in certain parts of the world.

I can safely say that I was wrong, however, and that CBD products will likely become a primary facet of the beauty market sooner rather than later. Given that medical studies back the healing properties of CBD when it comes to skin treatment, we can expect a slew of corporate advertising campaigns and grassroots movements to spring up in an effort to proliferate the CBD lifestyle as widely as possible.

Before we can expect CBD to take off, however, the myriad of ways that CBD products can be applied to our lives needs to become clearer to more people.

A CBD facial is surprisingly normal

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get a CBD facial is how…utterly normal the entire process is. While CBD’s association with cannabis can lead some people to mistakenly believe that a CBD facial would get them high or produce other unexpected effects, a CBD facial is almost entirely similar to a non-CBD facial, with the only differences being that the products in question are infused with CBD hemp oil. You can thus expect the entire situation to be resolved in around 30 minutes, though you may feel calmer from the CBD entering your system just a few minutes after the initial application of the product.

While some beauty divas have consistently shot down the possibility that CBD products would catch on like wildfire in the beauty marketplace, mainstream buzz surrounding CBD beauty products is now too obvious to ignore. With massive media outlets now covering the existence of CBD beauty care products and with everyday consumers taking to the web to share their stories, we can expect CBD facials, like laser hair removal, to become incredibly common in a staggeringly short amount of time.

Most CBD facials will run you over $100 right now, though this figure could decline as Nuleaf CBD oil reviews products proliferate and competition heats up in the market, thereby allowing lower prices to appear. CBD oil products won’t impact your usual skincare schedule, either, so don’t be afraid that getting a CBD facial will somehow impede your ability to follow your normal routine or use the other products that you love. Of course, you’ll want to wait at least an hour or so after your facial to ensure your skin properly absorbs the product, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that CBD facials last particularly long or prohibit alternative beauty products from being used. A single facial was enough to change my mind about CBD products in the beauty market. As time goes on, I’m incredibly confident that others will come to experience this as well.