How Mint Global Marketing Helped Us Rake In Leads & Secure New Customers

Mint Global Marketing Client Review

You may create a good product or service, but without marketing, you may never get them to the right people, and without getting the products to the right people, it’s impossible for a company to grow.

However, getting potential customers to notice products is more complicated. As a result, a large number of businesses and people hire outside agencies to handle all of their marketing needs.

If you’re looking for support in achieving your marketing goals, Mint Global Marketing is an excellent place to start. Mint Global Marketing is a 21st-century marketing firm that helps businesses get more leads, grow their market share, and raise brand awareness.

This is how the agency helped my company rake in leads and secure new customers.

Lead generating events

Mint Global Marketing taught us that times are changing, and not many people, especially customers within the younger demographics, love to be treated as a tool to make more money. Interactions and good impressions are now essential tools in the never-ending battle to get more customers.

For instance, while working together, we created a free webinar to give essential information about our industry. This webinar was designed to bring in potential customers, and it was a success.

Landing Pages

Ultimately, our goal was to persuade visitors to take some action through lead generation. This action was to show that our strategy was working and could come in various ways to demonstrate a successful lead generation strategy, such as completing a purchase or seeking service.

Because of this, the agency guided us in creating email templates that may take customers on a trip to that point while demonstrating why we are qualified to address a specific problem.

This landing page served as the final piece of the puzzle in securing a new customer for our company. Additionally, our email lead creation approach was bolstered by this tool.


According to Mint Global Marketing, a significant number of businesses do not provide discounts or limited-time deals, even though these are incredibly effective ways to attract new clients.

We are a tiny software business, and on their advice, we decided to give a free trial to new clients in the hopes that we can convert them into loyal customers in the future. This strategy proved to be successful.

According to the team that we collaborated with, even though handing out freebies might not appear to be the most effective strategy for a company wanting to expand, this strategy ends up paying rewards in the long run.


In the end, we benefited greatly from working with Mint Global Marketing, and if the need arises to work with the firm again, we’ll gladly do so. The team was great, and the techniques they used to boost our marketing strategies and lead generation process were top-tier.

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Chris Turn

Chris Turn