Posting Checklist: Digital Marketing Guru Jurgen Cautreels Shares His Go-To Checklist For Every Post

Digital Marketing Expert Jurgen Cautreels

Jurgen Cautreels is a renowned internet marketer who has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs launch their brands and garner huge followings. Internet marketing is more important than ever, and knowing how to navigate social media with expert skills is invaluable. 

I sat down with Jurgen Cautreels and asked him to give me a rundown of his social media strategy and even asked if he could provide a checklist so that we can start making professional social media posts that convert. Let’s take a look at what Jurgen Cautreels had to say about social media marketing: 

What’s the first thing you ask yourself before you make a post on any social media site? 

The very first thing I think about is who my audience is. No matter what. Whether I’m making a post for my own social media account or helping another business or entrepreneur out. 

I ask, who is going to see this post, and how will they respond. Sometimes these answers aren’t intuitive, and they always require some kind of research. But it should always go through your mind. 

You mentioned research for the target audience; what are some ways to research this? 

The easiest thing anyone can do is to perform the research manually. Find out who usually follows your account, click on a profile and make notes of the influencers and businesses that they also follow.

If you’re starting from scratch, then you can check out who follows your competitors. If I’m starting a shoe brand, for example, I might go see what Nike’s followers like. 

If I’m starting a streetwear shoe brand, then I’ll find musicians and other celebrities that fit my style and take a look at their followers and who else they follow. I’ll use all this to mould my brand for that streetwear shoe brand. 

Which social media platforms do you target?

That’s part of doing the research, but unfortunately, this research may have to come with some trial and error. I try to target every platform, but I don’t put the same amount of effort into each platform. 

If I notice that my Instagram posts get a lot more interactions and conversions than on Facebook, I’m going to spend a lot more time on Instagram than on Facebook. Of course, you have to make the judgment call of whether you should drop Facebook or change up your strategy, which is where experience comes in. 

Do you just copy and paste your posts between platforms? 

Absolutely not, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make on social media. You need to curate each post for the platform that you’re posting on. Facebook users do not talk in the same manner that Twitter users do. 

Tumblr users have their own unique ways of talking with each other, their own inside jokes, etc. Every platform requires research, and if you don’t do it, you’ll come off as an outsider when you make a post, which will be bad for your brand. 

Just for Summary, what is your Checklist for every single post you make?

Who is my audience? What platform am I posting this to? Is this post engaging, or is it just an advertisement? Will this post speak to both my current followers and potential followers? 

If you only make posts for people that already follow you, you’ll never convince others to press that follow button, so you need to keep potential conversions in mind.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn