How to Choose the Right Holster for Your Handgun

How to Choose the Right Holster for Your Handgun

If you’re a fan of handguns, then it’s likely that you’re in the market for a holster. Just picking up any old holster from the store doesn’t ensure that you’ll get one that fits your needs. Rather, you should take the following ideas into consideration when selecting the right holster for you.

You want to think about the ideas of concealment and accessibility. For many, they prefer to have a concealed weapon. This requires them to consider concealment as part of the design of their ideal holster. However, for other people, they don’t care about the attribute of concealment. They are more concerned with having a holster that is easily accessible. Take a moment to think about the key attributes that you’re looking for, as they will be a big contributor in determining what your potential options are.

Where Do You Want Your Holster On Your Body?

When most people think of holsters, they think about one that goes on the side of a person’s waist. The reality is that the term ‘holster’ covers any compartment to carry a handgun. You can purchase a waistband holster, ankle holster, shoulder, or even a vest holster. It’s really up to what your personal preference is. If you’re not sure, take a trip to the store and see what type of holster feels best for you.

What Type Of Body Attachment Do You Want?

Holsters can attach to your body in a number of different ways. A holster that is intended to go on the waistband will come with a paddle platform or belt loop attachment. The latter goes through your belt to be secure. The former slips over your belt and holds itself in place. If you opt for an ankle holster, you can go with a spandex loop attachment or a strap attachment. Shoulder holsters typically come with velcro or adjustable straps.

Do You Want An Auto-Lock Feature?

Some new holster designs incorporate an auto-lock feature that holds your gun in place. This is not only a protective measure so that it doesn’t fall out while you’re moving, but it also works to prevent others from taking your gun out of its holster. This auto-lock feature usually entails a trigger lock. When you go to remove the handgun from your holster, you’ll need to use your index finger to push a button that unlocks the trigger area. If you’re using a concealment type of holster, you may not prefer this feature.

Get The Right Size For Your Gun?

Your holster is only as good as its size. If you pick a size that is too big for your handgun, it won’t come out easy. If you pick a size that’s too small, your handgun won’t properly fit in the holster. Each holster should be available in different sizes. You’ll want to read the sizing instructions to determine what specific size you’ll need for the handgun that you have. Many of these sizing instructions are based on the caliber of the weapon and the barrel length.

Think About The Material Type
Holsters are available in many different types of materials. Some include leather, Kydex, and synthetic fabrics. You should think about the environment that you’ll be using your handgun in. Think about the weather, sweating, heat, rain, and so forth. Kydex, a form of rigid plastic, is a popular holster material as it’s very low maintenance and won’t absorb rainwater. Synthetic fabric, on the other hand, can be more comfortable to wear and is also low maintenance. Leather can be a great pick if you’re trying to go for the ultimate concealment of your weapon, as it usually conforms to the body well.