How To Turn Patients Into Raving Fans With Review Wave Founder Matt Prados

The primary objective of anyone who builds a business is to generate profit in the long run. Hence, these healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists, and chiropractors continuously look for ways to hasten their business growth.

Turning patients into raving fans can help generate potential clients and increase the conversion rate. Who are raving fans? Well-known author and business consultant Ken Blanchard introduced the term “raving fan.” These customers are so overwhelmed by the customer service that they received from a brand that they cannot stop telling everyone about it.

Review Wave founder Matt Prados knows the significance of converting patients into raving fans in growing healthcare providers’ business. Matt is the founder of the multi-million-dollar software company, Review Wave. His company is the leading provider of the platform on reputation management and review marketing. He and his team developed software that could help healthcare professionals create raving fans for their business.

Why Are Raving Fans Important? 

Online reviews are essential to any business right now. Most consumers will read the reviews of a company before transacting with it. Studies have shown that consumers will purchase more from companies with excellent reviews. Raving fans are the kind of patients that will provide positive reviews about healthcare providers’ services.

Unlike other customers, raving fans will stick to your business and continuously patronize your service. No question that healthcare providers want this kind of patient in their business.

In addition, raving fans will become the brand ambassadors of healthcare providers. In other words, raving fans can provide healthcare professionals with free word-of-mouth marketing. These patients will continuously spread the good thing about your healthcare services. Never underestimate the power of personal recommendation. It remains an effective way of convincing people to check out your business.

How To Turn Your Patients Into Raving Fans?

Over the years, Matt has discovered that the most significant factor that will compel patients to write positive reviews is patient experience.

Six years ago, Matt asked some of his best clients what made them do better with their digital marketing. He found out that reviews are the common denominator. Matt began teaching clients about getting reviews. However, the results were not what he was expecting.

“Data showed that clients who were already doing those reviews slightly got better while those who did not have any reviews still struggled. We realized that the problem is not about asking for reviews. There is something else,” Matt narrated.

At that time, Matt believed that the problem was probably due to the feedback process. His team decided to develop the first version of their software, which focuses on automating the feedback process. Along with this, his second company, Review Wave, was born. 

“The initial software version replaces the staff and the confrontation part with the patient with email and texting,” Matt explained. Everybody got results due to automation.  Once again, they discovered that the results were vastly different. Clients who were already getting good reviews got way more reviews, while those who already have fewer reviews only got a limited number of reviews. The results baffled Matt for quite some time.

“We realized that the results told me that not all patients are happy at their doctor’s office. We were determined to find the root cause of the disparity,” Matt said. He examined the negative feedback to determine what people are saying and why they are unhappy. In due time, the answer became evident – the patient experience.

Improving Patient Experience

Matt found out that patient experience is the most significant driver of reviews. He realized that it is crucial to create a better patient experience by streamlining specific processes. “We showed our clients how to turn their clients into raving fans by enhancing their health care experience,” he continued.

Review Wave developed software that offers different features, making it easier for patients to transact with their healthcare providers. “We all had good doctors or unpleasant bedside manners, and that is not a great experience. We also had those not-so-great doctors but with great bedside manners. It did not lead to a good outcome either. That is why we developed the software for doctors who are among the top in their field to become better with the personal side of healthcare,” Matt narrated.

Matt pointed out that each part of their software is not another version of something existing in the market. “We created the best version that any healthcare practitioner could get,” he added. Review Wave’s online scheduling app makes it easy for new patients to book an appointment. That is why it is among the most popular apps. Existing patients can use the app to book or reschedule follow-up appointments. Patients can also fill out forms online before they visit the clinic for their first appointment.

“Our software revolves around the concept of convenience. That is why we made it super easy to use and kept the interface clean. People are seeing their doctor more often because it is so easy to schedule appointments. Those are the little things that help improve people’s lives,” Matt said.

Review Wave’s software has transformed the business of many healthcare professionals. They got better reviews and more patients. “For the first time in their career, many healthcare professionals started gaining new patients from the Internet because of their positive reputation. On average, they are acquiring at least 100 new patients annually,” Matt shared. He added that some clients even dropped their other marketing programs and used Review Wave as the only platform for their marketing efforts.

Matt talked about one of the many success stories. He narrated that they have a recent client who is now reaping the benefits of the software. Previously, the client utilized marketing programs that brought him an average of 280 new patients every year. But when he started using Review Wave in 2019, things got better. The client acquired 307 new patients in the first year and 400 new patients in the following year with no external marketing.

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