What Is the Best Way to Extract CBD from Hemp?

When considering the best way to extract CBD from hemp plants, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Being aware of these points can help a person achieve their desired goal when undertaking this process.

There are several different extraction methods and each of them comes with its own pros and cons. Some of these methods may be described as safer or more effective than others, whereas others are simply more efficient and cost-effective.

The way in which CBD is extracted can affect how pure the final product is, so this is always worth keeping in mind.

Why Extract CBD from Hemp?

In order to create commercial CBD products, such as creams and cosmetics, the cannabinoids must first be extracted from the hemp plant. The extracted concentrate is then used as the active ingredient of the CBD products.

The Best Ways to Extract CBD

The type of hemp extraction equipment used will vary depending on the specific extraction method that is chosen.

Popular method options are:

  • Basic Solvent CBD Extraction
  • CO2 CBD Extraction
  • Solventless CBD Extraction

Read on to discover more about each of these options and the potential pros and cons!

Basic Solvent CBD Extraction

This is a very basic process that is actually considered to be a risky one by some people. It involves using a liquid solvent on the hemp to remove the cannabinoids. Common solvents of choice for this type of extraction include butane, propane, and ethanol.

Pros of this method are that it is a relatively cheap way to extract CBD and that a decent degree of purity can be achieved.

A con to this method is that the solvents are highly flammable. It is also possible that the extracted concentrate could be contaminated with solvent.

CO2 CBD Extraction

This extraction technique requires the use of CO2 to remove cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This method allows for extraction without damaging the cannabinoids at all.

The benefit of this method is that the final concentrates are incredibly clean and safe for use. This type of extraction is also very kind to the environment since it is only using CO2 and no additional chemical solvents.

The downside to CO2 extraction is that it is not a simple process and will therefore require a skilled expert to manage the process. It is also a process that will typically take place on an industrial scale, which naturally means that it is a very expensive choice.

Solventless CBD Extraction

It is possible to extract CBD from hemp by hand without the use of any solvents at all. There are a number of ways to do this, such as by applying heat or pressure to the plant.

The obvious benefit to extracting CBD by hand is that it does not generally require any equipment. This naturally means that the costs are quite low and that a high degree of scientific expertise is not required.

Disadvantages to solventless CBD extraction are that it is near impossible to control purity levels and that the yields are incredibly low, meaning it is not suitable for commercial production.