Is A Weekly Two-Hour Clean Enough For Your Home?

You’ve made the sensible decision to hire a cleaning service to help you keep your home hygienically clean, but now you’re wondering how long to book them for? 

For the average home, a weekly or bi-weekly two-hour cleaning session is often enough to get the place comfortably clean, and while two hours might not sound like very much time to non-professional cleaners, you’d be surprised at just how much they can get done in such a short space of time. What’s even better, is that shorter, weekly sessions will cost you less, too.

Below are the main chores a cleaning company can take care of in your home, in just two hours:


Taking an average of ten minutes, professional cleaners will methodically vacuum all of the rooms in your home, picking up dust, dirt and other debris. 


All floors that require mopping can typically be completed in less than twenty minutes. 


Depending on how much there is to dust, this shouldn’t take a professional cleaner too long to carry out, and they will use the attachments on their vacuum cleaner when appropriate for more effective dust removal, too. 

Cleaning the bathroom

Unless your bathroom is very grubby, a professional cleaner (or cleaning team), should be able to get your bathroom looking and smelling clean in under twenty minutes. 

Cleaning the kitchen 

Kitchens often take the longest to clean, and if your appliances need to be cleaned as well as the regular counter top, stovetop, sink and floor cleaning, this can take up to an hour. For deeper kitchen cleans, you may want to hire the cleaning service for the full two hours, but for a regular kitchen clean, it can easily be incorporated into the two hour session. 

How to plan for your two hour cleaning session

What better way to get the most out of your money, and out of the cleaning service you hire, than to be prepared for their visit. Walk through your home and assess exactly what it is that you want them to focus on, from the rooms, down to the items in each room. Keep in mind that for them to clean every room in the home from top to bottom, this will require longer than two hours. But for a regular clean of the kitchen, bathroom, and main living space (perhaps bedrooms as well, depending on the scale of cleaning involved), this can easily be achieved in two hours. 

When your cleaner (or cleaning team) arrives, you can advise them of what you would like to be cleaned and in what order, and if you’re expecting visitors for example, you could ask them to focus only on cleaning those areas of the home the guests will be likely to spend time in. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your home can be spotlessly clean in just two hours! Think also about what you can do with the two hours that you won’t have to spend cleaning, and use your time wisely to get the most out of the cleaning service and your investment. 

Ian Sittler

Ian Sittler