Is Dividend Investing A Good Strategy?

There are many investment opportunities that an investor can try these days. One of the most sought-after opportunities, however, is investing in dividend stocks. Primarily, dividend stocks refer to stocks which pay dividends in the form of cash or shares to the stockholders in a company. With dividend payments, the company distributes a part of its profits to the stockholders quarterly and allots the remaining profits to the continued growth of the company. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to create a reliable income stream over time, you may want to consider dividend investing as a good strategy. This article will show you what dividend investing is all about and why it has been considered as a good investment strategy nowadays. 

What Is Dividend Investing?

In its simplest terms, dividend investing refers to a strategy that involves the buying of shares or stocks of companies that pay dividends to all its stockholders while keeping your shares until you want to purchase more. When these companies experience continued growth, your dividends will slowly increase, thereby making this strategy a great way to introduce passive income into your investment portfolio. 

On the other hand, you should take note that the success of dividend investing depends upon the following combined strategies:

  • Establishing a good collection of shares in companies that yearly increase their dividends at a rate that is substantially more than the inflation rate of the country.
  • Diversifying your dividend investing portfolio by investing in different businesses and sectors to ensure you’re not too dependent upon a single economy.
  • Ensuring that the dividends given to stockholders are financed by the company’s profits and not the underlying debts.
  • Buying stocks from different international companies to acquire dividends in different currencies to maximize income.

As you can see, dividend investing can be a long-term investment strategy. But if you want to get the most out of this, you should also familiarize yourself with some things every investor should know about investing. And in the case of dividend investing, you should find companies that have the potential to increase their dividends over time. These companies are those which possess a good balance between growth potential and profitability. 

How Can Dividend Investing Benefit You?

Now that you’re familiar with what dividend investing is all about and how it can work best, it’s time to learn about its benefits to investors like you. Realistically speaking, investing in dividend stocks comes with plenty of advantages. These can include the following:

1. Provide Great Passive Income

This is the most popular benefit of dividend investing because it creates an income stream for you due to the dividends being paid to you quarterly. However, if you have a well-established dividend stocks portfolio, you may be able to get consistent monthly income out of it. Just make sure you only invest in companies that can sustain and grow their dividends to get the most out of passive income. 

2. Continued Ownership Of The Company

When you invest in dividend stocks, you can enjoy continued ownership of the company while collecting dividends every quarter. Unlike investing in non-dividend companies, you can be an owner of the company, but all the profits are locked and can only be accessed once you share your stocks with other people. 

3. Take Advantage Of Compounding

Dividend investing is also considered a good investment strategy because it allows you to take advantage of compounding. In a nutshell, compounding refers to a method in which you can increase your income by using your earnings to get more of them later on. When you invest in dividend stocks, you can use your dividend earnings to buy additional stocks of the company. And the more you purchase stocks, the more you can increase your regular dividend payout. 

With that being said, it’s clear how you can benefit from compounding with dividend investing. Your original investment will create a certain return on investment (ROI), which can be reinvested to generate more returns over time. 

4. Offer Positive Returns In Bear Markets

Typically, a bear market is when a particular market deals with a prolonged price decline. However, when you invest in dividend stocks, you can actually take advantage of bear markets by getting positive returns. For instance, in a bear market, when the prices of shares or stocks are dropping, the dividend-paying companies will continue paying dividends. Hence, these dividends can help keep up with a drop in a share price and ensure continued income stream for your dividend investments. 

Final Thoughts

With the information presented above, there’s no doubt that dividend investing can be a good investment strategy for investors like you. Since dividend stocks are less risky than other non-dividend stocks, you can make full benefit of what they can offer to your investment portfolio. And just like other investment strategies, taking advantage of dividend investing can be a good way to increase your investments for your financial future.