Keeping Customer Satisfaction High

3 Qualities to Look for in a Business Checking Account

Customer Satisfaction

Father George Rutler is a famous Priest of the Catholic Church. He believes in showing integrity in every aspect of life, including business. A person cannot be a good Christian and not care about people. A Christian Business owner should make customer satisfaction a priority.

Father George Rutler wrote a book called “Our Peculiar times”. In this book he urges people to have faith, hope, and love. This is refreshing in these uncertain times, when the world needs something to hold onto. And a Business Owner has the opportunity to be a caring person when doing business. Satisfied customers feel that someone respects them and cares about their lives. Father Rutler is all about being an active Christian, getting involved in people’s lives in a positive way, and giving hope in a desperate world. He agrees with the 25 ways to ensure customer satisfaction, which are:

1. Develop customer service communities.

2. Go by the golden rule.

3. Provide support in different ways.

4. Pay attention to employees’ needs. They matter, too.

5. Delegate responsibilities.

6. Use data to improve business.

7. Know what customers really want.

8. Focus on company culture.

9. Pay attention to customer reviews and stay updated.

10. Stay ahead on customer service.

11. Make it personal.

12. Make wait times as short as possible.

13. Use social media.

14. Change approach if need be.

15. Know the product.

16. Benchmarking is a must.

17. Exceed the clear expectations.

18. Pay attention to complaints and compliments.

19. Have brief daily meetings.

20. Ask customers how they want to be responded to.

21. Have additional benefits.

22. Offer free product training and support.

23. Regroup after every call.

24. Ask for feedback.

25. Empower employees.

Being religious and spiritual makes a person want to do right by others. The best thing for a business is to actually care about what customers want and need. But it should never be at the expense of the employees. Problem solving is a big deal. When a business solves a problem, people will know about it.

Father George Rutler cares about people, and believes that is the biggest thing about business. Employees should always be improving in professionalism, and they should stay updated on what customers want. It is much easier to keep current customers than to try to get new ones. Happy customers will automatically bring in new ones.

Caring about the environment and social justice is also good for business. People will support companies that care about what they care about.

Employees need to be cared about, too. Training and incentives get them motivated.

Positive evaluations, words of encouragement, and rewards will make for a friendly work environment. Happy employees will make for happy customers. A satisfied customer will feel happy and positive about his or her experience. When an employee loves his or her job, it will show to the customer. Favorable word of mouth is just as good as social media. Customers are looking for empathy, transparency, and a personalized experience.

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