Keith Orie Shares 3 Ways a Life Coach Can Help You Thrive as a Sales Professional

Whether you're doing well with your sales numbers, or they could use a little help, nearly every sales professional can benefit from a life coach. Success in sales is all about the right mindset. Here, Keith Orie, a certified professional life coach in Temple, Texas, discusses three ways a life coach can help you harness your sales potential to reach those winning numbers.


Sales can be a gratifying career, both in terms of life satisfaction and financial reward. Successful salespeople are some of the highest-paid individuals in any company or industry. They are almost always afforded high autonomy levels and other perks such as bonuses, travel, and often a company car. 


But even A-players can have days full of doubts and uncertainty. No one can "hit it out of the park" every time. A life coach can help make the difference between a struggling or mediocre salesperson and the company superstar.


5 Signs That You Need a Life Coach


In general, there are quite a few people who could benefit from life coaching. Here are five indicators that you are one of them:


  1. You have big dreams but aren't sure how to realize them.
  2. You tend to slack off when you're not accountable to someone else.
  3. You sometimes talk yourself out of your good ideas.
  4. You sometimes give up when things get complicated.
  5. You are about to make a big life decision.


Three of these signs, numbers 1, 2, and 4, are particularly relevant to salespeople.


Develop New Healthy Habits


Many salespeople are outgoing and optimistic individuals who dream big. This positive outlook is part of what makes them successful. But how do you translate a confident vision into success in sales?


A good life coach has specific skills and talents. They will not be the same as your skills and talents, but that makes them a useful partner. The life coach will help you identify those daily steps needed to create good habits that lead to reaching your goals. 


Gain an Accountability Partner


Autonomy, the ability to make your own choices about how you will spend your time, where you will go, how you will succeed, is a beautiful thing. Like all desirable conditions, it has a less desirable dark side. With autonomy comes the need to be self-motivating. 


Most people need to be accountable to someone else. It motivates them when they would instead go to the beach or lounge around the house all day. You are responsible only for the sales report at the end of the month or quarter in many sales organizations. That may be too late. You need to be pursuing your goals daily.


A life coach will be that accountability partner. They are invested in your success, and you will not want to let them down. Listen to their counsel, follow their advice; they are in a win-win relationship with you.  


Feel Supported and Motivated


The sales profession is nothing, if not at times frustrating and challenging. It is part of your job to have your ideas and proposals rejected. Competition is fierce, and it can be a daily battle. 


A life coach is your cheerleader. They will help you stay motivated and positive. They can remind you that hearing no from a potential customer brings you one step closer to the next yes answer. 


About Keith Orie


Keith Orie is a certified professional life coach in Temple, Texas, and an Advanced Medical Sales, LLC owner. He started the company to give patients a chance to live a life not dependent on pain relief medication or invasive procedures. Providing medical professionals access to an extensive range of top-of-the-line durable medical equipment helps provide patients with adequate pain relief treatment.