Prefabricated Temporary Storage Buildings vs. Traditional Buildings

If you have some free space and want to construct buildings for storage, you are often torn between choosing traditional buildings or the prefabricated ones. Both of these buildings have their own advantages and downsides, but what is the best option?

When people hear of the term temporary buildings, they often associate it with something that is not durable and weak. This is a misconception as modern temporary or prefabricated buildings are very beautiful, strong, and durable. In fact, many companies are now turning to prefabricated buildings when they intend to build an additional storage space.

There is a lot of negativity surrounding prefabricated buildings based on their suitability and functionality. In reality, temporary buildings are the best option if you want to quickly address your immediate space needs. Let us look how prefabricated temporary storage buildings compare with traditional buildings.


The term temporary or prefabricated should not mislead you to think that prefabricated temporary storage buildings are not of a good quality. The manufacture of prefabricated temporary buildings has rapidly gone up because these buildings can compete head-to-head with traditional buildings concerning quality standards.

In fact, there are some cases where you can encounter prefabricated storage buildings that are of a better quality than traditional buildings. All the parts required to complete a building are manufactured while being subjected to strict quality controls. Get in touch with Smart-Space if you are looking for quality prefabricated temporary storage buildings. Smart-Space is the leading provider for temporary building solutions in the UK.

Speed of construction

When it comes to construction speed, prefabricated temporary storage buildings have an upper hand when compared to traditional buildings. You have to start everything from scratch when building a traditional building and this process can take months or even a year.

On the other hand, temporary can be quickly assembled and be ready for use within a period of one week. While you have to source construction materials for traditional buildings from different suppliers, materials used in prefabricated temporary storage buildings can be obtained from one source. This makes it easier to quickly complete constructing a prefabricated building.

The cost

Again on cost saving, prefabricated temporary storage buildings beat traditional buildings. Prefabricated buildings can easily be assembled and disassembled in case you are moving to a different site. In fact, if you are doing business on a leased piece of land, it is advisable to construct prefabricated temporary storage buildings as opposed to traditional ones.

On top of that, when you compare the costs of materials used in constructing these two building types, prefabricated temporary storage buildings emerge to be the best option. They do not require a lot of different raw materials and can be designed with great flexibility to make great use of the available space.

Final thought

If you were torn between the building option you should go for your storage needs, I believe this article serves as the perfect guide. Do not be misguided into thinking that temporary buildings are structures intended to be used for a short time. If you are limited on budget and have been caught up with time, then prefabricated temporary storage buildings are the way to go.