Knight Aerospace Continues International Expansion as Demand Soars

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Knight Aerospace has been an industry leader since its inception in the early 1990s. With the help of industry experts and former military officers and advisers, Knight soon became a leading supplier of specialty products for military aircraft. In 2014, Knight moved into the medevac industry with the end goal of offering cutting-edge products in this field. Its unique devices include the custom quick-change/roll-on roll-off medical module and the world’s first self-contained aeromedical module.

Knight currently works in over three dozen countries around the world and says it will expand amidst growing demand. The company regularly partners with new firms, organizations, and nations. Its rapid development has enabled it to stay at the forefront of the industry and meet the needs of clients worldwide.

Knight Aerospace Expands Partnerships

Knight’s recent partnership with Rossell Techsys has made news around the world. Furthermore, it will almost certainly boost company growth and profits for the foreseeable future. As Knight Aerospace CEO Bianca Rhodes explains, “Global expansion is a driving ambition of ours at Knight Aerospace, as we believe our products have universal utility and life-changing abilities. We can’t think of a better partner to guide us in our foray into the Indian market than Rossell Techsys.”

Rossell Techsys and Knight will work together to produce Knight’s quick-change roll-on/roll-off palletized solutions, next-generation air-transportable galley lavatory systems, aeromedical/VIP modulars, and ground support equipment.

The partnership comes after Knight partnered with Collins Aerospace Systems in October 2020. The two companies worked to create roll-on/roll-off air transportable galley/lavatory systems for military cargo planes. It’s designed to meet the needs of military personnel on long missions. Furthermore, it’s far more cost-efficient than most systems currently used by the military. As an added benefit, it can be attached to the aircraft without tie-downs. Knight and Collins also outfitted the systems with custom amenities. These include microwaves, coffee makers, ovens, and refrigerators.

Bianca Rhodes and Michael Knight: Leadership Team Propels Knight Aerospace Into the Future

Bianca Rhodes was the first person in her family to graduate high school or attend college. She earned a degree in finance and worked as chief finance officer for several companies. She later started her own consulting business so she could work from home while caring for her children. It was in this line of work that she met Alfred Knight. Rhodes later partnered with Knight to create an offshoot of Knight’s company. The new firm was called Knight Aerospace Medical Systems. Three years later, Alfred Knight retired and Rhodes purchased the company from him. The original company and its offshoot merged to create Knight Aerospace.

Rhodes’ inspiration led Knight to realize the importance of creating specialized medical aircraft modules that could evacuate patients from anywhere in the world. Before the development of these models, it was difficult, if not impossible, to isolate contagious patients during an evacuation. It was also hard for medical professionals to provide proper treatment for seriously ill or injured patients. What’s more, helicopters often only evacuate a single patient at a time. With Knight’s unique module, multiple patients can be evacuated simultaneously. The modules provide proper isolation for patients with a contagious disease. The need for these devices first became apparent during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. However, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that made it clear these units could spell the difference between life and death for many people.

Michael Knight is the grandson of Knight Aerospace founder Alfred Knight, and he brings with him the same innovative spirit and tenacity that made the company successful. After earning a degree in management with an international business concentration, he started work at his family’s business. He began on the production floor and rotated through the vArious departments, but his skill in bringing in new customers soon became apparent as he helped Knight form successful partnerships with leading aerospace companies, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Airbus. He later became vice president of sales and marketing and is now the senior vice president of international sales, leading the team in sales, creating marketing plans, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

What’s Next for Knight?

Knight Aerospace has grown under Rhodes’ leadership. Its current headquarters is four times its original size and the company has more than 60 employees. Knight’s success is not only a testament to its leadership, but to its ability to understand the demand for specialized products, then develop them in record time. The company currently intends to focus on its medevac units. While these first became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, Knight has made it clear that it plans to find future uses for these systems. 

As the company recently noted, these systems would be ideal for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and similar organizations around the world. They could be delivered by aircraft and used in areas that do not have sufficient and/or adequate medical facilities. When the units are no longer needed in one place, they can be transported by aircraft to the next disaster zone or needy area in ground operations. 

As the company has already won the trust of customers the world over, Knight aims to drastically improve the way the world thinks about human-centric design and safe passenger transport in the very near future.

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