Methods to Increase Sales Numbers

Methods to Increase Sales Numbers

Besides being a medical doctor, Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a savvy businessman who has turned his clinic into a thriving enterprise. Therefore, Dr. Sudberg is highly qualified to issue sales and business advice.

From a business perspective, companies that want to build sales numbers will notice that Dr. Sudberg and his pain control center have captured a niche. The Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center limits itself to a specific type of medicine that is easily identifiable to potential customers, and that’s extremely important in building brand awareness for a business.

The more potential customers can easily identify exactly what you do the easier it is to build brand awareness for your company.

Another way of thinking about brand awareness is that a company emphasizes exactly what are the customer benefits that customers can expect from your business.

Another thing that is really important, says Dr. Jordan Sudberg, is analyzing your competition.

Knowing how much your competition charges for a similar product, any unique value that the competition offers, and the type of promotions they use to garner customers is very important to your success.

Another method of great value is understanding your customer’s challenges or pain points. If you sell ink for commercial printers for example and the same commercial printers often have to turn down a rush job because they do not have the necessary ink available, offering express service at a premium price may mean the difference between customers choosing your ink supply service and your competitors.

Another way to boost sales numbers is to treat your sales team right. There is nothing like sales bonuses and incentives for your salespeople to encourage them to “always be selling.”

Whether it be gift cards, free entertainment and event tickets, or even a preferred parking space at the office, sales bonuses work.

At the same time, don’t forget your customers.

New customers can be encouraged to “act now” if a special discount is offered for a limited time only. Meanwhile, offering a repeat customer bonus or discount is likely to keep repeat customers returning.

Meanwhile, for both new customers and repeat customers, offer superior customer service. If your customer service team has an attitude that “we will make every

problem right,” and your company has the right policies to back up that position, you will have lots of repeat customers. And it is much easier to generate profits from repeat customers than it is to find new ones.

Also, with regard to repeat customers, if you keep careful records and identify those customers that are bringing you the most profit, by offering special thank you bonuses and perhaps providing them with a dedicated phone number to call for their orders, chances are that many of those repeat customers will increase their orders in the future.

Finally, take a serious look at your shortcomings. Every company has them, but profitable companies spend serious time identifying those shortcomings and then correcting them.

Note that these are general rules. There are dozens more potential ways you can increase your sales numbers. However, it doesn’t happen by itself. You need to concentrate to find the best methods possible to increase your sales numbers for your company.

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