Michael Bash, Author of Million Dollar Miracle

Michael Bash author of Million Dollar Miracle: How to Earn Millions of Dollars in One Day and Never work again offers his formula of how you can purchase and rezone land to generate huge profits and continue the procedure. With over 50 years of expertise, Michael Bash offers his expertise and advice based on how to apply his rezoning techniques. Through humorous stories and funny stories you’ll discover how Michael became a millionaire however, you’ll also learn how you can achieve similar results!

What’s your background story? How did you get this idea? *

I was was raised in Jerusalem. At a young age, I was fascinated by religion and enjoyed the tale of how Paul/Saul occupied an entire city and grew it. I’ve always had an interest in electronics, and I had an uncle who lived in New Jersey who could help me. I emigrated to the U.S., and after having completed my education, I was offered an electronics job. In this position, I assisted in the reprocessing of an operational instrument which increased from 24 units from 1 unit. There are two examples that stick in my head where I saw the possibility to modify something to improve it to increase its output efficiency and productivity, as well as how it could help others.

Explain the procedure of the process of launching your business. *

Rezoning involves a number of primary steps. First, you must research an area to be purchased for rezoning , by looking into the type of land it is located in, the type of schools within the area, the proximity of businesses, etc. The next step is attending the city’s meetings and get to know individuals like council members or the mayor, and neighbors. If you are able to meet these individuals beforehand and assist them to get to the goals they have set, then they could be more likely to assist you. As an example, I bought an area of 20 acres for a bargain due to the presence of an incinerator close by. Through the construction of a high walls and beautifying my property I was able to conceal what many would consider ugly. I then worked with the neighbors for their consent by making use of 1 acre of the property to enhance the size of their property.

Since its launch, what’s done to get and keep customers? (or from other companies/investors who will)*

It’s my ability to connect with others , particularly with women which has helped me in my career and in life. I’m a warm-hearted person who’s always loved people. I was raised in a way that’s friendly but it was not learned to me. I also am a fan of charitable work and enjoy helping people who are less fortunate.

How are you faring today ? What does the future hold? *

At the age of 90 I’m healthy! I talked to an angel once, who said to me that I’ll live to the age of 102! I’d like write a second book over the next few years. I’m also interested in working with a young person that I could teach and who can help me with the running around reconfiguring work.

When you first started your business Did you learn something that was particularly useful or beneficial? *

I’ve learned a lot during my many years of rezoning homes. The majority of people are looking in the wrong areas in search of property to develop or buy. You should look for areas that are empty and undeveloped.

What platforms/tools do you utilize to run your company? *

I don’t utilize any tools or platforms for my work. I depend on my interpersonal skills and my ability to spot opportunities and capitalize on them whenever I spot it. My ability to communicate with others and my genuine desire to assist others are my platform and tools.

What are the most influential books, podcasts or other resources? *

I’ve been a fan of reading since my earliest years; Freud, Russian novels come to my mind. Concerning his work I don’t think it is necessary to read books. When I first started, I came across an amazing real estate agent who was older than I. He was able to teach me a lot about the business of real estate. I also purchased the property from him, so it was a win-win.

Tips for other entrepreneurs looking to start or are just beginning? *

Find someone in the field of real estate. If you don’t know anybody you can call around and establish a relationship with each one to determine if they is the best fit for you. It’s a win-win that allows you to learn from them, and you could also assist them. Also, don’t stick to traditional methods to do things.

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