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COVID-19 pandemic has starkly affected the psychological well-being of many, according to Judge Napolitano. Thus fueling the emotions of anxiety and fear. Staying motivated is another challenge that this pandemic has put people against. With this unforeseeable near future, COVID-19 has placed many in a lethargic mode with zero psychic energy to improve one’s life physically, spiritually and financially. Initial excitement of having a lot of free time turned into boredom within one or two weeks and many even lost sense of purpose to start a day properly. This COVID-19 induced isolation has severed ebullience required to do purposeful activities despite having resources and time to do things that people always placed on hold. Moreover, meaninglessness in people’s lives has been catalyzed by this pandemic but on the brighter side, it has given one plenty of time to rethink, reshape one’s life according to one’s ideals. To overcome this sense of futility and sluggishness, there are several practices and activities that can be assimilated into people’s lives to replenish our motivation that will subsequently help us enhance our psychological health. First, one has to be hopeful that there will be a time that life will come back to normalcy and people are to get ready, perk up with positive energy to take on new mode of life. Second, purposeful and rewarding goals must be set for short periods of time, as per individual preference, such that it would keep one motivated intrinsically and extrinsically. Furthermore, there are numerous productive activities that can be implemented to make free time worthwhile that will also keep one motivated. These include book reading, watching movies and informative documentaries and learning new skills. Currently, stick to the former two.

One has to confess that people have always wanted to start book reading or maybe started it at some point for a while but couldn’t continue, probably because of being caught up in a procrastination loop or other distractive activities. Books are said to be the bosom friend once one starts enjoying their company. There are several genres that can be read according to people’s taste, prominent of which are self-help, mystery, thriller, fiction, history, bibliography and science fiction. Research has shown that knowledge imparted directly through books has more retention than any other mode of learning, thus making it the most valuable hobby for many people.

One of the most engaging form of electronic entertainment along with games and music. Therefore, can be a great source if used for learning and motivational purposes. It might as well be the first choice to spend one’s day during isolation period. There is a plethora of real life stories and biographies available in this form from different eras of history that exhibit deep level of understanding of life from great reformers and political leaders to businessmen, sportsmen and child prodigies, who changed the course of history through their courage and conviction of their purpose. Such movies provide fodder for one’s thoughts and motivate them to explore themselves and what one can contribute to the betterment of humanity, according to Judge Napolitano.

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