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How to Launch a Startup Post Covid

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people conduct businesses, with many businesses having opted to offer services online. With countries closing borders and international travel reducing drastically due to restrictions put in place by countries, it is evident that people needed to innovate new business ideas to stay in business. People lost employment opportunities due …

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Creating a Post-Covid Business Plan

Business post-covid will never be the same. Only businesses with smart choices during the pandemic will survive. The marketplace is entirely different during the pandemic. The needs, demands, and expectations of customers have also changed greatly. Any business that wants to be successful must work to address these changes. The biggest question every business must …

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Motivation Mondays

COVID-19 pandemic has starkly affected the psychological well-being of many, according to Judge Napolitano. Thus fueling the emotions of anxiety and fear. Staying motivated is another challenge that this pandemic has put people against. With this unforeseeable near future, COVID-19 has placed many in a lethargic mode with zero psychic energy to improve one’s life …

Self-Storage Companies Weather the COVID 19 Storm

The economy has taken a massive hit because of the complications brought on by the COVID 19 virus. McKinsey notes that it may take as much as five years for specific sectors to recover to the point of their 2019 levels of contribution to GDP. The US primarily has been one of the hardest-hit areas, …

COVID-19 Pandemic Drives Demand for Talkspace Remote Therapy

The current pandemic caused by the threat of COVID-19 has affected the lives of people in hundreds of countries with millions of confirmed cases being reported all over the world. Americans already report high levels of stress, with 83% of working adults facing stress related to their job, according to the American Institute of Stress. …

Understanding COVID-19: Could You Have a Natural Immunity?

Let’s find out if some people have a natural immunity to the current coronavirus in this article by Sara Winokur.