Myanmar: Unseen Natural Beauty Awaits

Myanmar is the northern most country in South East Asia, and unlike its neighbours, this unique nation has only recently opened its doors to foreign tourists. The natural beauty of Myanmar simply takes your breath away, and if you are looking for a unique holiday destination, you couldn’t find a better destination than Myanmar.

New Democracy

In 1992, the military junta that had ruled the nation with an iron fist for so many years, decided that there was too much to be gained from democracy and therefore, they began to change their stance. Of course, at first, progress was slow, but in 2020, Myanmar is ready and able to offer the foreign tourist a unique experience, which is why this colourful country has become such a popular holiday destination.


The capital city of Myanmar is Yangon, formerly Rangoon when the British ruled the country, and with 5-star restaurants in Yangon and several top-rated hotels, you can enjoy luxury accommodation while experiencing the natural wonders of this amazing country and its people. The Shwedagon Pagoda is without doubt one of the most popular tourist venues in the city and the structure is covered with gold leaf, with diamonds and rubies.

Kandawgyi Park

If you love nature, you will very much enjoy Kandawgyi Park, where you can sit on the huge lake and enjoy unbelievable sunsets. There is a boat that sits on the lake, and the massive golden dragon boat is indeed a spectacular sight and one that is not to be missed. You can picnic in this lovely park and watch the locals who also like to spend time in the well-kept gardens, and don’t be surprised if local people ask to take a photo with you.


As you would expect, Yangon has a large Chinese community and this is the best place to visit if you want to try a variety of local dishes. Located around 19th Street, there are great markets where you can buy souvenirs and Myanmar art. The architecture really is something to be admired, especially in the early morning and evening, when the light reflects to create an amazing aura.


If you visit the royal city of Mandalay, you simply must climb Mandalay Hill, a 240-metre climb that is easier than you might think. There are elevators and escalators that take the hard work out of ascending the hill, and when you reach the top, the view is well worth the effort. The Mingun Pagoda is about 90 minutes from Mandalay and this is a place where you can be transported back in time, and the Pagoda sits on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, and once you get past the crowded entrance, you will hardly see anyone as you explore this beautiful place.

Myanmar has much to offer the foreign tourist and if you are planning a holiday, make sure you do some online research, which will help you decide what to see while you are there.