NFL Picks: Who to Look For

There’s no doubt about it. Take a back seat, baseball, football is truly the American game. And while college football, with its colorful settings and pageantry, is fun to watch, the pinnacle of football in America is the NFL. 

Watching the NFL is a blast, but wagering adds an entirely new element of excitement and drama to a Sunday afternoon. When you’ve decided to start placing wagers on NFL picks, you need a smart strategy and solid plan to know who to look for each week of the season. 

Avoid some common mistakes

Everyone wants to be a savvy better, but all too many people make these common mistakes when they start making NFL picks. 

  • Not viewing enough games — To be a successful better you need a real knowledge and appreciation of the game. You’re not going to get that by tuning into the occasional game and picking through the sports pages. Make it a habit to watch as many games as you can and take the time to follow the league news, and in particular, follow the news about teams you’re planning to wager on.  
  • Weighing the effects of injuries —  Injuries are a part of the game, and the good teams have capable backups for most of their positions ready to enter the lineup. So it’s important not to get too caught up in examining the inactive list for each week’s games. On the other hand, the loss of key players can hamstring a team’s chances. Weigh these factors carefully!
  • Manage your money —  Too many beginning betters try to make up for a loss or two by trying to win everything back all at once, with increasingly big bets. Set limits for individual bets and have a set bankroll you’re allowed to work with for the season. 
  • Betting like a fan —  Maybe you bleed black and gold, but don’t let your devotion to one team use your head, not your heart. Oddsmakers have access to more knowledge and have a lot more experience than you do.

Find Sportsbooks and Oddsmakers You Can Trust

There are lots of sportsbooks offering information and insights to betters. To find reliable ones, take the time to carefully research several different sites. Find out what they offer and check their track record to see how successful they’ve been over the long haul. Give a few different sites a test drive and compare results to see how they measure up.

With a reputable sportsbook on your side, you’ll maximize your chance of success. The databases and insights offered by professional sports handicappers can make the difference between turning a profit and having a run of bad luck. Take advantage of the resources available at reputable handicapping sites, and you’ll stand a better chance of coming out a winner. 

Pick Your Betting Type 

When you’re ready to start betting, it’s helpful to pick the type of betting you want to use. 

  • Point spreads — This is one of the most popular ways of betting on football. Oddsmakers determine the projected margin of victory by the winning team and then you wager on whether they do or don’t beat the point spread.
  • Moneylines —  You simply pick who will win the game. Odds are assigned, and you get a higher payout if the underdog wins.
  • Over/Unders —  With over/under bets, the bet is on the projected number of points scored. You bet on whether teams will score more (over) or less (under).

Work at Your Craft

The best betters didn’t start making money right away. They devoted time and thought to learn how to make smart bets, helped along the way by the many resources offered by reputable sportsbooks. So stake yourself some money, and give it a try. If you’re willing to learn, the odds will shift in your favor.