Printers Shouldn’t Be Your Weakest Link When it Comes to Cyberattacks

Ever since governments locked down businesses, many employees have been positioned to work remotely. While there have been many benefits to working from home, employees that are still not used to this working style find themselves unfamiliar with potential cyberattacks. Even though businesses should help their employees mitigate cyberattacks through paid VPNs, provide training on cyber policies and implementations, and continuously remind them not to share confidential information, companies should find ways to invest in their technology that have strong security features that block cyberattacks

One of the ways companies can invest in more secure technology is through laser printers. Because Laser Printers are considered internet devices that store valuable information that is commonly shared throughout the printer network within the company, they need just as much protection as any other device. Companies should choose the best small business printer and invest in laser printers that have an automatic reboot when security issues are detected. This will give employees extra peace of mind that outbound information is still just as secure as it is on their work/personal devices. 

Even if employees do everything right on their end to prevent themselves from being victims of a cyberattack, using everyday office supplies like printers can make themselves and the company at large at risk of a cyberattack if the laser printers do not have strong security features on them.

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought