What the Future of Work will Look Like

In the past couple years, work has changed more than anyone could have predicted. While remote work began as a pandemic necessity for many jobs, it has become a desirable perk. 61% of workers say they would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home. For workers 24 and younger, that number jumps to 100%. Listed benefits include more time for family, improved savings, and better morale.

Remote work isn’t the only major change happening in workplaces, though it ties into several of them. The future of work will include more flexible workspaces for employees to choose from. Work will be based in teams with less hierarchy, allowing everyone to feel like a leader. Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa will become integral to everyday operations. 
As new technologies become more integrated into the workplace, creativity and human intelligence will become more important to having a successful career. Some of the top skills for jobs of the future include visualizing data, people management, and emotional intelligence. Fast growing occupations like home health aides and operations managers may seem very different from each other, but both rely on forming successful relationships with other humans. The future of work is here!

Jobs Of The Future
Source: ExecutivePlacements.com