Samsung Biologics Opens New CDO R&D Center in the Bay Area

Expanding its global footprint, Samsung Biologics opened its first U.S.-based CDO research and development center in San Francisco, marking the company’s next step towards truly being the “Next Door CDO Partner” for biotech businesses.

A natural and obvious location for Samsung Biologics’ first CDO R&D Center, San Francisco is the birthplace of biotech and one of the fastest developing bioclusters. The Bay Area has also been the U.S. hub for digital innovation in recent decades. As founding CEO Tae Han Kim explained at the digital opening ceremony, the main purpose of this new center is to be closer in proximity to current and prospective clients in the region.

Working in the same city as many of the company’s clients will strengthen relationships, maximize client satisfaction, and provide immediate convenience to biotechs in the area. Leveraging its speed and operational excellence, Samsung Biologics can go from cell line development to DS manufacturing in six months, and from development to DP manufacturing within seven months. Both of these are already the fastest in the industry.

At the new center, Samsung Biologics’ team will assist biotech and biomedical companies of all sizes. The goal is for Samsung Biologics to offer comprehensive help from early-stage discovery to IND-filing, and to do so as quickly as possible while maintaining the high quality expected from global regulatory agencies. 

While this is a first global footprint for Samsung Biologics, it’s not expected to be the last. The organization has plans to open CDO R&D centers in Boston, Europe and China as it grows to be a global next-door neighbor.

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Article Editor