Securing Live Video

With work becoming more and more remote, live video is becoming more and more critical professionally.  As consumers interact more with live video, businesses can embrace the growing industry to expand digitally.  Live video includes much more than meetings, including sectors such as gaming, real estate, marketing, healthcare, and much more.  

However, with bandwidth, quality, encoding, privacy, compatibility, and user interface issues, poor quality live video can halt communication rather than foster it.  Connection issues can arise due to firewalls, unsupported browsers, outdated devices, and operating systems.  Moreover, due to the many challenges facing live video, 30 percent of sales professionals believe that their web conferencing tools are hindering sales rather than helping them. 

With eyeson, the bandwidth always stays the same, regardless of the number of participants, and the quality is controlled through the merging of streams in the cloud.  Moreover, an encoded stream sent to all clients is protected from intentional intrusion or interference.  One hundred percent browser-based, eyeson works on any device and is easy to use with push-to-talk, auto-moderation, and customization layouts.  Made for developers and by developers, eyeson solves the challenges of live video for successful communication and streaming options.

The power of nimble live video