SolChicks. The newest PTE NFT game

SolChicks. The newest PTE NFT game

If you’re interested in one of the most popular, thriving, and exciting fantasy play-to-earn NFT games in the entire market as we speak, we are here to break it down for you. 

A relatively new game to the crypto gaming sphere, SolChicks has constantly been breaking world records ever since its demo version dropped in November of the last year. Just in the first week alone, approximately 50,000 players completed the demo version with excitement. 

This brilliant battle arena-style game is bound to give you everything you are looking for in the world of crypto gaming. Not only will you enjoy the perfectly executed gameplay, but you will also be able to take up the opportunity to make some money from your playing. 

What are PTE NFT games? 

If we had to explain it briefly, it would suffice to say that PTE (play-to-earn) NFT (non-fungible tokens) games are games from that you can earn some money. By doing what, you might ask? Well, just by playing. 

Consider this stark gaming combination of the gaming and finance worlds as an option to reach a return on investment, a chance to profit off of your gaming skills and time. 

How do PTE games work?

Play-to-earn games are greatly different from the traditional games you have probably encountered hundreds of times in your gaming career or hobby. Although there are many similarities between these two, there are also a few important differentiating factors. 

Profiting off of gaming has been made much more simple and accessible with the use of blockchain technology. Nowadays, PTE games not only provide you the possibility to earn money while playing games for free, but you can also get crypto tokens, win prizes, and collect in-game items to sell at an NFT marketplace of your choice. 

The many options for making an income have made gamers aware that there are many more creative ways to make a living as opposed to the way that has traditionally been done so far. 

What is the SolChicks game?

SolChicks is the game that puts play-to-earn games on the map worldwide. With positive reviews and substantive player payoffs pouring in daily, it is safe to say that this is one of the most desirable play-to-earn NFT games this year. 

Ran on the Solana blockchain, with the in-game currency called CHICKS token or $CHICKS, the game is described as insanely entertaining, intriguing, well-designed, interesting, and profitable. 

If you are a fan of anything related to fantasy, strategy, battle missions, intergalactic adventures, and fighting tactics, you’re in luck. This one’s for you. 

Imagine it, you are a cool warrior SolChick, part of a mean battle chicken battalion, fighting the enemy called SolFox who mercilessly took over your home planet called Chicco. Who wouldn’t want in on that, right? 

Split into four categories of levels that go up to level 60, the game will keep you interested at all times. You will be expected to bond, take care of, and even breed your character, all while enhancing it and altering it, which will subsequently increase its value. 

Making money from SolChicks 

Well, let’s kick this off by saying that you will be the proud owner of your NFT chick character. It is important to say that there are a total of 10,000 original chicks that come with various attributes and designs, as well as a different rate of rarity and popularity. 

All of these characters can be bought, sold, and traded on an NFT marketplace, and most players will probably be intrigued by the idea of breeding your character to get a brand new and unique non-fungible token. 

Different NFTs obtained in the game are part of the marketplace fun and profit. What is important is that you play the game and play enough to be able to make the adjustments and alterations that you want to bump up your category stats and sell it off at a good price. 

The options are numerous, but we will have to leave that part for you to discover.