The Healing Power of Herbal Remedies and How Herbs Can Promote Your Health

The healing power of herbs is almost a lost knowledge. Fortunately, herbal medicine is on the rise again. Here you can read how herbs can help your health with all kinds of different purposes, especially the power of that nasty stinging nettle.

Just like vegetables and fruit help keep your health on track, so can herbs, plants and trees. Many herbs are full of vitamins and minerals. The more you work with them, the more you realize that we are meant to use nature for our health, in addition to our food.

A pill at the pharmacy helps, but often has all kinds of nasty consequences for your body. It is often synthetic and unnatural and your body doesn’t like this at all. Nature connects to our body, we are part of it.

Herb or pill?

Herbs work in a different way to the medication you get from your family doctor. Where a medicine is very good in symptom management, herbs help not only the complaint but also your body to get better. They not only work on a physical level but also psychologically and energetically. Herbs work together with your body to improve your health, at the pace of your body.

That pace is undoubtedly lower than the pace that today’s fast society expects of you. And that can sometimes be difficult. Because, you really have to give your body the time to resolve itself, when it can do so much faster with a pill from the doctor.

If you look at what is good for your health, yes…then patience and a remedy that nourishes your body (instead of hard-handed bad (and good!) bacteria working out) is much better.

Before I was enchanted by all the beauty of herbal medicine and allowed myself to take antibiotics, I always got sick as soon as the cure was over. That won’t happen to you with herbs. If you let herbs do their work and listen to your body, you will feel fresh and strong again, full of energy.

That herbs have healing power is also known in regular medicine. For example, the substance digoxin is extracted from the leaf of Thimbleweed. This is often used for heart problems, a substance from the yew is used against cancer and many people also know about medicinal hemp. Fortunately, the power of nature is still used for our health!

What happens much more often is that the active substances from the herbs are copied. The synthetic substances made in the laboratory are made into medicine. In this way we get synthetic medicines that are hard on our body and cause (many) side effects.

Your body often does not recognize the medicine (just like with artificial food) and has to work hard to process it. For example, the medicine has to be detoxified in the liver, which requires a lot from your body.

If you take a lot and/or long term medication, it is possible that your liver is not functioning optimally anymore. The poison accumulates and that can lead to liver damage. That’s why a leaflet often states that it can have negative effects on the liver.

In herbal medicine, the plant with all its contents is used with the idea that they reinforce each other. That effect is not there when only the strongest active substance is extracted from a plant. All substances in the plant work together, which makes it so powerful as a whole.

I don’t want to say that you should never use regular medicine. Be aware of what you are taking, with food and medication. Know that there are other options besides regular medicine, options that may be better suited to what your body needs.