The New Age of Learning: How Microlearning is Revolutionizing Workplace Training

Employee training is the key to the success of any business in this day in age. However, nearly 60% of employees receive no workplace training and are entirely self-taught. Even when training is offered, it is often lackluster and leaves employees unsatisfied. Studies have shown that traditional training models are ineffective and may even create a poor experience for learners. In addition, they can be a waste of time, money, and resources if not executed correctly. 

Microlearning has been considered the new age of employee training. It uses a series of nudges, videos, and short activities to keep learners engaged in relevant and easily digestible material. Using bite-sized learning modules, employees can easily fit training into a busy workday. Also, they are more targeted and personalized to ensure that every activity is meaningful and directly beneficial. The results of using such learning techniques are significant, as they are able to effectively change the behaviors of employees and shift their outlook on their job as a whole.

The benefits of microlearning are great, so much so that they are actually 17% more effective than traditional training. This type of content is easily accessible, highly relevant, and addresses only the most important objectives for employees to focus on. Microlearning is already being used by several leading companies and nonprofits, pioneering a movement that will only continue to grow in the future.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
Source: Arist