Tips for Starting a Law Firm

Tips for Starting a Law Firm

If a person has been through law school and has put in their time they may want to begin their own practice. Starting a law firm may not always be easy. Andrew Napolitano understands this and the needs of a lawyer. Napolitano has some tips on how to help a person begin a law firm.

Firm Name

This may sound simple but it is important to have a strong name for the law firm. The name should tell what branch of law that the person specializes in. The name should be easy to remember and clearly define the practice such as criminal law or financial law.


Like any other type of business a person is going to need to have a strong business plan for their firm. They need to think about how they are going to market the firm. They will also need a mission statement. The lawyer will need to handle the finances or have a department dedicated to billing . They need to make sure the lawyer is getting paid and all of the firm’s bills are being paid. There needs to be a plan for growth. A business plan is needed before a person begins their practice.


Every business has a website including legal practices. Some people may drive by the physical location, but most will do an online search based on their legal needs. The website should be professional and clearly state the type of law that is being practiced. It should give information about the experience and expertise of the law. In addition to this information the site should be easy to use. It should be easy to navigate, and it should have relevant images and content. The site should also be optimized so that it can be seen from a smartphone or tablet. This will allow those that search on their mobile device the ability to see and use the site.


Andrew Napolitano believes that a lawyer needs to focus on their specialization and their area of expertise. They may be able to practice different types of law, but the firm should pick the area where they had the training and experience. This will allow a person to become an expert in the field and build a strong reputation. If the lawyer takes on too much, they will not be an expert in anything. They may even have to find other lawyers to take on some of the cases where they may not have the knowledge or experience.

Build a Network

There are some things that can be done to build clients. A person should network with other lawyers so they can share clients and give recommendations based on their area of expertise. There are often experienced lawyers that are looking to give leads and help those that are getting into the field. Clients also use word of mouth so treat them all well.

These are some tips to help a person begin their own law firm. These tips will allow a practicing lawyer to have their firm and they will be in charge.

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