Tips to Put Your Child on the Right Path to Academic Success

We all want the very best for our kids, it is perfectly natural for parents to do what they can to ensure their children have all the tools to be successful in their lives and in this highly competitive world, this can be quite a challenge.

Here are a few tips to help you provide the best learning opportunities for your children.

  • Choosing the right school – If you were thinking that all schools are the same, think again, as each school has its own ideas about education, which can be found in their vision & mission statement. Choosing a British school in Thailand would be very advantageous, as the international school offers the best potential for entering a top university.
  • Choose a K-12 school – We all know how traumatic it is to change schools; losing good friends and having to face a classroom of strangers and that can have a serious impact on a child. Some children have to go through this ordeal 5 or 6 times during their school years, but if you start with a K-12 school, your child will never have to face that ordeal. Having the same teachers is another benefit, as the student can develop deep peer relationships and that can have a positive effect on the learning outcomes. Click here for compelling reasons to choose an international education for your child.
  • Foster a Love of Learning – This is a critical element of schooling and if you make learning fun and encourage an enquiring mind, your son or daughter will always enjoy learning and discovering new things. This is one major objective for the preschool years, which is the child’s introduction to formal learning and if a child has unpleasant experiences in the early years, this will develop into a dislike for all forms of learning.
  • Encourage & Support – Your child is trying to find their passion in life, as we all try to do and when he or she takes an interest in something, this should be encouraged and sponsored. Team sports, for example, teach kids a lot and physical activity is essential for growing children and academic subjects should be encouraged, especially when they enjoy the topic. Many world champions achieved success because they had very supportive parents, who provided the opportunities to fulfil that dream.
  • Be the Best Teacher – You spend more time with your child that any of their teachers and by being a good role model in every respect, your son or daughter will have guidance. If you attend school parent-teacher workshops, this will help you understand how active learning strategies work, making you a better parent. We need to help our children understand certain things; moral and ethical issues, fair play and equality, while we also need to convey the message that anything is possible if you apply yourself 100%.

If you select the right school and keep abreast of what your child is learning, you can support and encourage all the right things and help your child to acquire the essential skillsets to enjoy a long and happy life.