Useful Tips on How to Stop Coronavirus in the Workplace

As the coronavirus continues to evolve and a vaccine not looking likely in the coming months, we have to take steps to secure the workplace. There is a lot of misinformation regarding the virus, according to the WHO World Health Organisation, the virus could stay around on surfaces for hours or even days. When a novel virus arrives like this, scientists are playing catch up to understand its many characteristics.

In the workplace, employers should know how to best protect office-based staff members.

Professional Cleaners

The first thing any company should do is hire professional commercial or industrial cleaners to take care of the workplace. Companies like Vapor Clean understand the importance of getting an office ready for employees and keeping it safe while they are there.

Coronavirus is weighing heavily on the minds of business owners, employers, and employees around the globe. Professional cleaning companies have never been more important than now.

At a time like this, you cannot leave cleaning duties to an amateur. A mop and a bucket are not sufficient enough to keep the workplace clean. A professional cleaning team will be prepared to clean and sanitise every surface. They won’t leave any stone unturned, as they’ll come with the right equipment and strategies to ensure your office is safe for all.


The best way to deal with coronavirus in the workplace is to educate staff about hygiene and the virus. Companies should hold meetings with senior members of staff and teach them about workplace hygiene. Make sure workers are wearing face masks at all times and posters are put around the workplace promoting hand washing and respiratory hygiene.

You can ask your local authority for coronavirus hygiene poster or look at websites such as the WHO. Offer guidance from occupational health and safety officers and use the intranet to promote cleanliness strategies.

Personal Approach

Along with hiring a professional cleaning service who knows how to handle the virus and education, employers and business owners need their staff to take responsibility for their actions. There are many simple ways to stop the virus in the workplace, it takes a joint effort between owners, employers, and employees. Employees should also protect their co-workers by being proactive against the coronavirus. 

  • Avoid Shaking Hands – While shaking hands with colleagues may seem normal, if you want to prevent spreading any pathogens, avoid doing so.
  • Stay at Home When Sick – There is no point in putting yourself or others at risk if you feel unwell. Stay at home and recover before coming back to work.
  • Wear a Mask & Clean Your Hands – A mask helps to stop the virus from spreading. While at work, regularly clean your hands with soap and water.

Eliminating the spread of the coronavirus is a joint effort. Everyone should understand the importance of good hygiene and take steps to keep themselves and others safe. It is the duty of the employer to protect workers by hiring professional cleaners and putting strategies in place to keep everyone safe. They must implement effective precautionary measures.