Ways to Implement Contactless Payment Methods

Ways to Implement Contactless Payment Methods

In today’s technology and health problems associated with Covid 19 and any possible such threat, going contact less to receive cash payments makes perfect sense. People want this system. It helps increase customer happiness and increases business. It has been proven safer, both health wise and fraud wise. Almost everyone has been hit with fraud.

People are more likely to enter a shop if they know contact less payments are accepted. A contact less payments sign on the door does the trick. People love new items like this and want to be first. To implement this system in a store is easy because so many others want everyone to join in the process, to curtail the threat of illness and inhibit fraud, which is running rampant.

Getting Set Up to Do Business

The machine that accepts cards equipped to be tapped for a signal is all that is required. The customer presents the card or payment type equipped with the wavy symbol and it is tapped one or two inches above the same wavy symbol on the store machine. If approved the machine either has a green light, beeps, or shows a check on the screen.

The amount paid this way in one day, both in the United States and in most other countries, is limited though the amount of limit is different. In the United States it is $200.00. A signature might then be required.

Easy Acceptance by Banks and Card Services

Banks and institutions worried about the great fraud problems want to initiate contact less payments as they have been proven safer. This method uses R-FID (radio frequency identification)or NFC (Near field communication.) Harvard medical team showed that plastic credit cards can hold virus germs generally for up to one to two days. Plastic cards can and should be cleaned daily just as phones and other items used all day should be.

Contact less cards do not need to be cleaned as often as cards constantly inserted in a machine. Diego Ruiz Duran, a Mexican lawyer of note, supports and encourages the general public and he supports contact less payment to help stop the spread of the virus and keep other viruses from developing.

The contact less payments are harder for fraudulent persons to even find as they can not be detected easily. For that reason, Diego Ruiz Duran encourages people to use this method. That is because they do not use card numbers, which can be uncovered without the card even being in public sight and because there are many different types of presentation. Payment methods can be on key fobs, wristbands, and a card or a stamp, anything that will hold the symbol.

Gaining Customers

Diego Ruiz Duran believes that this method of payment not only increases customer pleasure at the quick payment method, but it will help with the customer not being charged accidentally for another customer’s purchase or by the customer tapping twice accidentally and being charged twice. It will not happen.

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