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What Does it Take to Run a Superyacht?

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What Does it Take to Run a Superyacht?

When you see a
superyacht, you suddenly realise where the ‘super’ came from; these majestic
vessels offer the very pinnacle of luxury and as you would imagine, it takes a
dedicated team of people to maintain such a vessel. In this article, we’ll take
an in-depth look at the behind the scenes side of running a superyacht.

  • The Crew – A professional
    superyacht crew are at the upper end of the pay scale, with anything from 10-20
    members, each with a specific set of responsibilities. Looking after a large
    group of people while at sea is no easy task, and a lot of planning and
    preparation goes into every charter, and the crew must be very service minded.
    When the vessel is moored, they have a long list of things to do, so they are
    not only working when at sea – maintaining a superyacht is a full time job.
  • Mooring Fees – A superyacht must be
    moored whenever the vessel is not at sea, and this is expensive, around $200k
    per year. Obviously, the charter company would be looking to have the vessel
    working as much as possible, and if you have a group of friends and you would like
    to explore the possibilities of a superyacht holiday, check out the amazing
    vessels available at https://www.simpsonyachtcharter.com/, who have bases in
    Thailand and Malaysia. Such a company would have several ports where they have
    an exclusive mooring spot, with all the facilities such a vessel would require.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining a
    superyacht is an expensive business, and constant work is required when the
    vessel is in port, as every aspect of the yacht must be in tip-top shape. From
    kitchen equipment to the hot tub, plus the hardwood floors require regular
    attention, not to mention fixtures and fittings. Marine vessels have to deal
    with very corrosive conditions and that demands a high level of maintenance by
    a skilled team who know what they are doing.
  • The Skipper – A good skipper will
    keep a tight ship and the crew would work in harmony with each other, all
    coming together to provide a second to none service for the client. Part of the
    captain’s role is to connect with the client, which helps them to plan the
    perfect holiday, and with his input, you can plan your route, which might
    include the stunning Andaman Sea off the island of Phuket in Thailand, and
    along the unspoilt coastline of Malaysia.
  • Five Star Cuisine and

    The chef ensures that your menu is always of the best quality, and with a
    state-of-the-art galley and a team of people who know how to take care of you,
    the perfect holiday awaits. The bars are well stocked with the client’s
    favourites, and with nothing being too much trouble, it really depends on the
    client as to drinks and the menu.

As you can see, running a superyacht is not only
expensive, it is very complex and involves a team of specialists, and if you
would like to learn more about superyacht charter, Google will take you to the
website of an established charter company.