How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

Picnics are great! The benefits of a nice picnic with your loved ones are various. A distraction-free weekend will be a chance to bond and connect with your family. You might learn something new about your closest friends or family. 

Being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air will make the coming week easier for you and leave you more rejuvenated and happy. Maybe the picnic will be in your backyard if you don’t have enough time or a location that is enticing enough! In any case, we suggest going out and enjoying your free time outside! With all that in mind, we wanted to talk about what are the essential items to bring on a picnic. 

Basket or Backpack?

The thing is, what will your transport your food and drinks, and if your picnic location is a bit further from the car, what would be the easiest way to carry it around. A picnic basket may be enough, but if you plan on serving drinks that need to be cool, a cooler may be best in this case. 

The Picnic Blanket

If you’re going somewhere where you don’t have tables around, the blanket is way to go to have a place to sit and to put your food on. Any old blanket will do, but you should be aware that there are even special waterproof picnic blankets that can be used on wet grass or sand. 

A Bottle Opener

If you are bringing wine to your picnic, this item is often overlooked and forgotten. This especially goes for couples who may arrive at their location, and there is no way to open that bottle of champagne that they got! 

Knife and a Cutting Board

If you don’t prepare everything at home, you will need to have a cutting board to make those sandwiches. With this, you can avoid stale bread and soggy sandwich condiments! It’s always the tastiest when you make it right at the spot! 

Coffee Thermos

Coffee is vital! Be it that you love a regular cup of Joe, or that you are addicted to caffeine, a good thermos will do wonders. Check reviews for different coffee thermoses, and be sure to pick the right one for you.

Utensils and Plates

If you want to make your picnic into the real deal, be sure to pack these!

Disposable plates, cups, and utensils are easy to get, and it’s not that good to bring anything out of glass or hard plates. 

Trash Bags

You want to keep the picnic site clean and tidy, so don’t forget these. You may be surprised how much thrash you can leave behind you, so be sure to take care of Mother Nature and don’t leave trash behind you.

Great Food

Your picnic needs good food! You could go for simple PBJ sandwiches, but you may go out a bit. Being in nature does not mean that you can’t eat some gourmet food. You could prepare a pasta salad beforehand, or you could make a nice plate with finger food for your family and friends. Everything from small-sized sandwiches baked goods, and maybe even think of preparing a refreshing Mason jar dessert with fruit and ice cream!

Preparing your food with supplements is important, especially if you are planning a picnic in the mountains. Supplementing your foods with things like CBD oil (check CBD Oil Online if your wondering where you can get quality CBD) can help you relax, or like mentioned above, having coffee along to give you hiking energy are just a couple examples.

With that, we want to conclude our small guide, and we hope that you will enjoy your future picnic!