What You Need to Know About Windshield Replacement

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There are so many ways that a windshield can be damaged. This can happen from a piece of rubble while driving leading to a small crack. The aspect of a small crack that most people understand is that it will likely become larger over time. Checking your windshield regularly is extremely important as you could be driving illegally depending on the state law. The last thing any driver wants is a small crack leading to a shattered windshield while driving. This can make it difficult to see and very dangerous to drive under these conditions. The following are what you should know about windshield replacement

Safety Issues 

The cracks that you see in your windshield even if they do not impede your vision impacts the overall strength of the glass. Ejection from a vehicle is far more of an issue when there are cracks although a seat belt is the best protection against this. Being ejected from a vehicle can lead to serious injury or death. A windshield that is very cracked can even impact the function of an airbag. The impaired view is a huge issue as you might miss something in the road or a brake light could be obscured. 


The windshield is actually considered a safety feature of the vehicle as it can help prevent ejection from the car. The car’s windshield is supposed to stay intact during a collision although in more serious cases, it might shatter or crack. You can be pulled over for a cracked windshield for improper motor equipment if a crack is noticeable by a law enforcement officer. These laws are put in place for the safety of the driver and others on the road. 

How Long Does a Replacement Take?

Most people might think that it is going to be a huge undertaking to put in a new windshield. In fact, this can take under an hour if you enlist the help of well-reviewed companies. A number of these companies will come to you as it is unsafe to drive with a crack or shattered windshield. These companies can even come to the parking lot at your job to work on your car. They understand the importance of having a windshield that you can clearly see out of. Passenger-side airbags could cause the replacement to take a bit longer. The adhesive used has to be stronger in these cases and will take longer to dry. The technician that is helping you can answer any questions that you may have. This can include time it will take and whether your windshield can be repaired instead of replaced. 

As you can see, windshields are the unsung heroes of cars that most people do not think about as a safety feature. Insurance covers most of these replacements as cracks happen by chance and not at the fault of the driver. Take the time to check your windshield regularly as a crack you have could potentially be repaired if caught early rather than when it becomes larger. 

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