Tips To Get More Instagram Followers For Free

When it comes to getting free Instagram followers some people may wonder what the point is? There are basically two types of Instagram users, those who use it to strictly photo share within their tight circle of friends and those who profit off of blogs and product influencing.

Why Blog and Product Influence?

People literally make a job out of blogging and influencing. This is a way for brands to bring awareness to them and to heighten interest in upcoming trends. In order to share the new trends and new products these brands must use influencers. Influencers often get paid or get promotional products for free. The perk of blogging and influencing is earning an income from the comfort of your own home.

How Does More Followers Equate To More Online Clicks?

The more followers that an Instagram blogger or influencer has equates to more clicks to the brand they are promoting. These influencers get paid per click (PPC) and often also see a payment from the amount of business their followers do at a specific business. In order to bring more visits to the company they are endorsing, they must have a large crowd of people to crowd source from.

Just because an Instagram follower has 10,000 followers, it does not mean that all 10,000 will love what they posted and rush to the site to purchase it or learn more about it. It means that hopefully more than half of those people are interested and then hopefully about half of those will take action and visit the company being promoted.

Achieving a high number of Instagram followers is how influencers are able to keep earning an income. When they increase the number of followers they increase the amount of web traffic and PPC marketing. The key to increasing followers is utilizing programs that will bring traffic to the bloggers Instagram account.

Can Instagram Users Get Free Followers?

Apps such as GetInsta are ideal for Instagram users that must increase their online presence and gain more followers. GetInsta offers a 1000 free Instagram followers trial in which users don’t need to worry about consequences with Instagram. This app makes sure that no viruses or fraudulent people are allowed to follow you. Additionally, there is security built into GetInsta so that Instagram users do not need to worry about automatically following back the followers that the app brings to their page. An experienced team runs the GetInsta app and they understand all of the rules that are associated with Instagram. This takes all the worry away and Instagram users do not need to be concerned about their account being blocked or deactivated. GetInsta also comes with free 24/7 support so all questions the Instagram user may have can be answered quickly.

Are There Other Ways To Get More Instagram Followers?

Apps such as GetInsta deliver a high amount of followers in a timely and legal matter. There are other ways to gather followers on a smaller scale. If you are only trying to achieve a small to moderate following you can easily market yourself and your Instagram account by utilizing hash tags and your FB page to promote your Instagram page. You can also link your Instagram page to any blogs that you write and add it to any business cards if you are in retail or the service industry. My continually updating your Instagram and offering contests, competitions and give away prizes you will help crowdsource. By reaching out to your existing followers and asking them to share your content in an attempt to win something, you are using your existing customer base to promote yourself even more.

Whether you decide to self promote and crowdsource or utilize a follower gathering app such as GetInsta for free Instagram likes, you will notice increased online traffic to your Instagram account.