Why Are Political Associations a Target for Cyberattacks?

Information really can be power.  For example, it can be the power to influence political decisions.  This can have major repercussions for years into the future.  With this in mind, it’s hardly a surprise that political associations are key targets for cyberattacks.  Here is a quick guide to what you need to know.

No organization is “too small to be a target”

If you think about physical crime, it can range from pickpocketing/bag-snatching to major armed robberies.  The same concept applies to digital crime.  Small organizations (and even individuals) can and will be targeted if they look like “easy pickings”.  Everybody, therefore, needs to practice robust cybersecurity.

This goes at least double for political associations.  These are targets for both “ideological” cybercriminals and economic ones.  It’s also worth noting that old-school “spray and pray” cyberattacks could still happen.  These aren’t targeted.  That may not, however, be of any great comfort if you fall victim to one.

The basics of modern cybersecurity

Modern security largely works on the basis of “prevent and be ready to cure”.  In other words, you aim to stop cyberattacks from happening.  You are, however, ready to deal with them if they do.  What this is going to mean in practice will depend largely on your IT infrastructure.

If you only use third-party cloud vendors, then it’s their job to protect you from external threats.  This includes both your “neighbors” eavesdropping and outside parties gaining access to the cloud.  It is, however, very much your job to manage your connection to that cloud.  It is also your job to manage access controls within that cloud.

Be very aware of the fact that a cloud vendor is not responsible for any issues caused by someone you let into your system.  That includes people who gained unauthorized access to your system through security issues at your end.

If you run any of your own infrastructure yourself, then you have full responsibility for its security.  What’s more, if your lack of security creates issues for other people, then you could end up being sued.  Again, this can apply if the damage was caused by an unauthorized third party.

How managed IT service providers can help

It’s probably fair to say that modern political associations understand the importance of cybersecurity.  They may not, however, understand the practicalities of making it happen.  Even if they do, they may not have the budget to hire the necessary in-house expertise.  Then, of course, there’s the challenge of recruiting and retaining that in-house expertise.

Using an Alexandria IT company is a simple, affordable, and cost-effective way to resolve all of these issues.  A reputable managed IT services provider can work with you to figure out exactly what you need – and what you don’t.  They’ll then take ownership of making sure you get what you need no matter what happens.

What’s more, they can deliver this with minimal to no disruption to your business.  For example, if major security updates need to be applied, they can apply them out of hours.  If you don’t have a formal “out of hours” period, they can schedule them to be applied during quiet times such as lunch breaks.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn