Why Do I Need An Expert Witness For My Case?

Many court cases require the assistance and advice of an expert. There are so many layers to most crimes and cases, and you need to make sure you’re incorporating all the facts.

As an attorney or individual invested in a certain case, you’re not always going to know every single piece of information necessary to win a case- this is where an expert witness is helpful. 

An expert witness will not only be called in to testify when a case is active, but they’ll also be able to work alongside you while you build a case. As an expert, the information they are familiar with can be pretty vital in terms of winning a case.

This article will contain more detail regarding expert witnesses and why they’re necessary for your upcoming case.

They’ll Bring Real, Practical Experience

Expert witnesses are, of course, experts in their particular field. They aren’t just individuals with vast amounts of knowledge in a subject; they will be credentialed and well-respected in an area of expertise that aligns with your case.

For instance, a medical expert witness will know the ins and outs of medical malpractice cases. They not only have a reputation in their respective field, but many have published studies and writings in their specialization.

Expert witnesses are not only experienced in their field of expertise, but often in the legal field as well.. An expert witness will have likely testified in similar cases previously. 

With their specialized knowledge and experience in court proceedings combined, they’ll be able to present the facts in a clear, concise manner that will be helpful.

They’ll Evaluate All The Facts 

A lay witness will usually testify in the most basic of terms. They’ll talk about their experiences and about as much as they know about the topic. They’ll answer the questions asked of them that they know the answers to.

Expert witnesses will be able to do a little more than a typical lay witness. Expert witnesses will be able to elaborate on the topic based on their prior knowledge. They’ll be able to consult case documents and the relevant literature. In some cases, they’ll also be permitted to conduct tests. 

Expert witnesses will be able to give a better testimony the majority of the time. They’ll often have better public speaking skills, and their past practice will ensure that their points are made efficiently. Part of their job is learning how an attorney wants them (and their points) to be presented. 

They Bring Impartiality

Expert witnesses will be unbiased in their pursuit of what’s true. While this means that they’ll technically be aiding both sides of the case, their words will never be seen as questionable by the jury or court. 

The witness will have no horse in the race and will be as objective as possible. The impartiality will ease the court’s mind and reassure them that the testimony is valid and essential.

An expert witness is absolutely necessary in order to provide specifics on a case. As an attorney, you will not be able to attack each point as thoroughly on your own- you need someone that will back up what you’re looking to prove with educated proof. 

An expert witness will be able to get the points across that you may be struggling to articulate. They can add an extra piece of reinforcement behind the cases you represent. 

Chris Turn

Chris Turn