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Working Hard and Working Out, You Can Do Both

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Working Hard and Working Out, You Can Do Both

Modern lifestyles are notorious for promoting unhealthy habits. We fill our lives with tasks and leave no time for living. If you must go to work every day, you are already using up most of your awake time. And if you have other responsibilities, it might seem there is no way to add a workout routine to the mix. But the answer is not finding the time, rather it is making better use of your time and recognising the opportunities you already have, to exercise and eat better.

  • Make a Schedule: The key to finding the hidden time is in analysing how you spend an average day. Before you make any changes. Take the time to track your activities and your travels. Figure out how much time you spend waiting, or sitting still. You might want to get a fitness tracker, so you know what your statistics are like before you begin.
  • Bring a Gym Bag to Work: If you have your workout clothes handy, you will have one less excuse not to workout. If you have room, include a yoga mat, or whatever else you will need.
  • Let Your Boss Know: If you are going to begin working out where you work, it is a good idea to let your boss know, so they don’t get the wrong idea from someone else. Chances are this will be a mark in your favour because the employees that workout are often more diligent workers, and they take fewer sick days as well.
  • Commit: This is everything, it is all up to you. Choose your exercise strategy, make room in your schedule, and don’t look back. Your body is not your boss. Your mind is in control. You make the rules. It only seems hard until you start. After you finish you will be proud of yourself the rest of the day.
  • Pack a Lunch: The other half to fitness is diet, but chances are when you eat at work you are not making the best choices. Bringing your own food will help you keep with the program and preparing food at home is also a great way to save money. Think about how much time you waste in a day going out to eat and waiting for your food. Bringing your own lunch might just give you the time you need to workout at lunch.
  • Find a Partner: If you are the kind of person that finds it easy to talk yourself out of things, you need someone to join you in your quest. You need a workout partner. Having an accountability partner is a proven strategy for sticking to commitments you might otherwise avoid.

In addition to working out at work, you should also analyse other things in your day that might represent an opportunity for exercise; walking to work, taking the stairs, or parking further away. The key is to take advantage of opportunities that already exist. Becoming more active is mostly about choosing to seize the moment. Once you begin you will see that your whole day is full of opportunities.