You’ve Tried Everything: Signs It Is Time to File For Divorce

couple having problems

A large number of marriages end in divorce for a large number of reasons. Financial problems often take center stage as one partner might not value money as much as another. People do grow apart over time and can have an amicable divorce where everything is split peacefully.  There are some couples that pull the trigger on divorce too quickly as they feel like their relationship cannot be repaired. Others have tried everything and have both decided that divorce is the only option to stay happy long-term. The following are telltale signs that it is time to file for divorce.

One or Both Have Moved On During the Separation

There are couples that separate far before they start divorce proceedings. A new relationship can indicate the end of another although most legal professionals will tell you to hold off on publicly dating until the divorce is finalized. Moving on is different than a fling as potentially both partners have a preexisting relationship which ultimately led to the divorce. Sitting down with your spouse one last time to discuss if things are too broken to repair is important. A new relationship can be exciting but it isn’t anything compared to the bond that a married couple can form even if they currently hate each other. 

Abuse of Any Kind 

Physical abuse is quite easy to identify and should not be tolerated in any relationship. The more difficult forms of abuse are that of verbal and emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can take the form of a spouse being controlling or isolating a person from family/friends. Abuse cannot be tolerated as this is not something anyone deserves or should have to deal with long-term. Nobody should be on the defensive at home consistently due to an abusive spouse. 

Counseling Only Made The Relationship Worse 

Relationship counseling is viewed by many as the Hail Mary attempt to save any marriage. If your partner refuses to go to counseling when your marriage is broken, consider the chances of them not wanting to fix the marriage. Far too many people go through the motions so they can say they did everything possible to save their marriage. Certain couples should have never been married in the first place which is a reality a number of individuals have to confront. 


Infidelity in a marriage is something that certain couples can never get over. The betrayal of trust is one thing, lying to a spouse about nearly everything due to an affair turns the relationship sour. This does not mean that some people cannot work it out when there has been infidelity, there are just some that can never get over the betrayal and lies. Today’s world is filled with temptation as any married person could jump on a dating app and meet for coffee with someone in a matter of hours. 

You need to exhaust all of the resources you have in order to save your marriage if you think it is worth it. Calling it quits is the best route for many couples and it is nothing to be ashamed of.